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Selling ER-102 [UK]

It’s just not useful for how I’m patching my synth. Happy to ship to internationally, if you are [i.e. no complaining about the post – I’ll provide proof of postage]

300 pounds, plus paypal and whatever postage costs me

price drop, cheers

250 now as on muffs [with other modules]

Hey Vqlk,

I’m very much interested; I’m based in Derby, England.
Will send you a PM!


Hey Rob,

I’ll package it up [may tale a couple of days] and PM when I’m ready to mail, ok?


Sure, sounds good.
I’ve Pm’ed you on Muffwiggler (realitycontrol) as I could not quite figure out how to PM on here - guessing it’s due to this being a new account on these forums!

Cool, thanks. I am away for a week – when I’m back it’s yours. It’s original panel, classic I think it is.


did this sell?

yeah sorry