Selling my 16n fader bank black + txb module_for 200€

Hi I switch to the sweet 16 from tesseract modular, so I will sell my 16n toghether with the txb module,hit me a pm if you’re interested. 200€ + shipping and PayPal
Cheers s

no one interested ?
dropped the price I think its a pretty good deal now.

I want a 16n but finances are tight for the foreseeable future.

I can’t go lower than 200 the big fader version is quite pricy to build.
tesseract sweet 16 is cheaper maybe that’s your best option.

I didn’t mean to imply that I wanted it for a lower price. Even half off would be out of my price range right now. Funny thing is I tried building one myself earlier this year and could never get it to work. I think there was an issue with a fader or something was shorted.

ah ok. easy. have you tried to bugfix it properly ?

I reflowed everything, but eventually got frustrated and tossed it in a box. The issue was that the faders werent reading right. When you moved one fader it would effect the other channels. The same output from midi as well as out of the CV jacks, so it is definitely a hardware problem on the analog side. Because of odd shipping circumstances I ended up with two pcb’s with smd parts already assembled. I tried moving the faders to the second board and the same problem happened, which leads me to believe it is a problem with a fader.

I don’t know how I would go about finding the problem though. I have done a lot more with electronics, and a teensy in particular, since messing with the 16n, so I could probably get it working, but I don’t have a functional teensy 3.2 right now as I am using a 4.0 for my own projects.

ei that sounds pretty much like a damaged part but happened this with all faders ? then maybe something was shorted to ground and spread all over the board. you could chase this easily down with a multimeter checking the continuity to ground maybe.

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Is this still available and what continent are we talking?

Any chance you can sell the Txb module alone?

It is I am located in Germany.

If Bparticle doesn’t want both you can have it of course.

Any chance this is still up for grabs?