Sending individual outputs within a track to 6 track mixer

Hi - apologies if this is a bit elementary but I tried looking through videos but still can’t get my head around how to send individual mix elements to the 6 track recorder. I’m well familiar with just using it to record full outputs of tracks 1,2,3, & 4 but have never used to to say, only send the contents of a specific mixer to this track to be recorded, for instance.

I was wondering if anyone could point to a resource or simple way to understand how to better route audio to the 6 track recorder. Thanks!

EDIT: Okay i managed to the contents of my stereo mixers into chains and then
2. created global chains to contain the contents of these chains which
3. are then recognized by the 6 track recorder.

Is this the best way to accomplish something like this? Would I have to save a new chain each time I wanted to record? It seems if I add something to the chain it does not register in the Global Chain’s version. I have to resave the chain and reload it in the Global Chain. There are some things I’m not sure I’m fully wrapping my head around. I wonder if there is a quicker and looser way to route these signals - there’s a bit of saving and setup in this workflow but that’s not awful for such a powerful machine.

Am I wrong in understanding that 6 track recorder can recognize Inputs, Outputs, and Global Chains only? So Global Chain must be the route in some way - I’m wondering if there is a more efficient way to pursue this workflow. Do I create a new saved Global Chain file every time I create a global chain or is that just to name it temporarily? I can’t seem to find where Global Chains get saved.

I’m starting to think aloud here. I guess the simple question is is this the best practice to pursue for routing audio to the 6 track recorder?

That is correct. Loading a chain preset into a global chain does not link to the preset file, it simply loads the contents of the chain preset file into the target global chain.

You can persist the global chain either by saving a global chain preset, or, by quicksaving (the preferred way, since this will save everything including global chains and file recorder mappings).

You are not wrong. This is correct. If there is something that you want accessible from anywhere then put it in a global chain.

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Thanks for explaining that to me! Glad I’m on the right path.