Sequencing different Patterns on thed ER101

Hi was wondering if anyone have came up with a work around for changing and sequencing patterns on the ER101?

Maybe you can elaborate on your requirements here

hey , so there are 99 patterns per bank on the er-101.

but I have not found a way to change the patterns via a sequencer…say play pattern 1 twice, play pattern 3 once, jump to pattern 8 play twice… etc etc…

As far as I’m aware this type of workflow doesn’t exist in the current firmware version.

I like the idea of ‘queuing’ up patterns and launching them when needed, or setting up a pattern sequence as you’ve described.

As I’m currently writing alternative firmware for my workflow, I’ll look to integrate this feature in.


that would be super awesome ! what language is the firmware written in, is the original firmware open source?

is it possible to sequence patterns via the ER-102?

I don’t have an ER-102, so others can chime in here.
Yes it is open source, written in C.

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Sequencing patterns can be achieved with ER-102. You should read the chapter “Parts” of ER-102’s manual.

You can’t automate Part transition as you were describing but you can of course voltage control it. For example, you could use Track 4 to sequence the part transition on Track 1,2,3 as you wish.

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haha its impossible to find an er102 at a fair price!

@Cldswm So I’ve been working through a pattern order / sequencing interface in my firmware and realized that the logic you are asking for does exist.

Its as simple as using the COPY function to select the pattern you wish to INSERT into a position within the current sequence.

Once you have setup your pattern sequence, you can then DELETE redundant patterns.

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hey thanks

so its sort of like re-ordering the sequence of existing patterns ?

its still quite limiting imo.