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Sequential switch

@odevices what are the odds of creating a sequential switch to move incoming cv to different places on the fly? Is this possible to create with the current inserts avail?



this would be wonderful. i use a wmd ssm but it’s only 4 in 4 out.


This looks related to the selection of different items in a chain request to me.

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Yes please.
I use Intellijel Shifty but it would be great to free up some inputs and some space in my rack!

Challenge accepted.

Building a Sequential Switch with the ER-301

(firmware 0.2.9)


Nice one, Joe!

I believe those glitches are due to the bug that was reported in modulation delay time in the Variable Delay. It’s already been fixed for the upcoming v.0.2.10.


Brilliant, I realised what you were going to do at 3:30 - but you surprised me with the period-o-meter approach :smiley:

So good to have you on board the ER-301 ship @Joe :smiley_cat:


@Joe fantastic. Can’t wait to give this a shot. This forum is amazing. Thanks!


Thanks! The positive feedback is much appreciated!

I feel that I wasn’t super clear at the end there. Most folks here probably “get it” at this point but just for clarity’s sake…

If you wanted switched external CVs, you could feed them into say, A1-D1. Instead of the audio rate internal sine wave, you’d select A1-D1 as each of the 4 mixers’ inputs. Then since this was built on track/channel 1, you could just select OUT1 as the modulation source for whatever you wanted to modulate with the switched CV.

Awesome! I’ll be looking forward to that. :slight_smile:


Now I’m pondering the reverse of this, which I think is what you originally asked about. Single CV in, and switching it to modulate different parameters. Hmmmm…


Instead of the global clock - just have a global trigger input that you can tap each time you want to switch destinations?

I guess single CV that gets switched to different destinations is pretty straightforward. Each mixer gets set to the same external source. Say A1. Then instead of placing the mixers in series on a single channel, you just insert them into your chain as the modulation sources for the 4 parameters you want to modulate.

Having it switch on an external trigger instead of running like a step sequencer is another interesting and useful option. Trying to think how that would work now.

This thread is like a story problem. :eyeglasses:


Yeah that’s the dream!

Ooooh good stuff!! Inspiring!

I’m thinking of so many ways to use this approach…

You could pack this whole thing into a custom unit and have a stutter effect processor, or instead of audio you could have it switching internally generated CV to create an arpeggiator and have custom controls modify each step pitch from somewhere else… and this whole thing could be sitting in a global chain to drive all sorts of madness!!

If you had 2 running, with short widths, and offset the second instance, you could run 8 steps…

And the rabbit hole continues …



Crumbs… imagine what would happen if @NeilParfitt and @Joe were left in a room together for a day…

That came out totally wrong I’m sure :joy_cat:

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Awesome work @Joe thanks for sharing looking forward to trying it out.

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Oh, cool, these are some good application ideas. I was kind of wondering after building it…" now what do I DO with it?" I’ve only been at this modular thing for about a year, so I am not sure I’ve fully wrapped my head around the modulate anything with anything concept. Conceptually I get it, I’m just not sure all the possibilities always occur to me. If you have more, keep 'em coming!

You could probably build an 8 or 16 step version of it straight up by just changing the the pulse width to say 0.125 and the ratios/ of the rational VCAs controlling the delay time to x/8, and insert 8 steps, for example. Based on the CPU usage I saw, I think the 301 could handle it.

In another thread we were speculating what the ER in ER-x0x stands for. I hadn’t considered “Endless Rabbithole”. :smiley_cat:



I just just tried a custom unit applying the above. Wicked!

I modded it slightly:

Threw it all within a custom unit.

Custom control gate input feeds all the internal clock bits, and is fed from a master chain clock source. Also created a custom control to feed in the audio from a single source (in my case a Global Chain).

This way, you don’t have to dig deep to change assignments. I’m far too lazy.

I also discovered a way to shape the stutter. Instead of the first level VCA in the mixer being rational, I placed a regular VCA, and then within it’s gain chain everything is as you had it, except after the variable delay, I added an envelope follower (with external custom controls). Attack set to 0, release controlled from an external source (starting at 0ms).

Also, the weird glitches went away when I tried the above :slight_smile:

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Neil - care to share the unit you made? :heart:️:call_me_hand:t2: