Serge Modular Units for the ER-301

Hi guys,

i´m a Serge user and in the near future i´m gonna buy a 301.
Even if I didn’t play with it. I think it would definitely benefit from some Serge Modules coded to a Unit.
for example the Modules from the Gator:
N Comp, Pulse Divider and Boolean Logic

and of course the Universal Slope Generator

I know, some features are already there with the clocked delay and env follower.
maybe i overlook some more, but at least a N Comp and the Universal Slope Generator would be killer in a 301.

What do you think?


I think it is a great idea. The Serge environment is full of inspirations and has a level of abstraction that resonates with me. A USG-like unit would be fun to design in the digital domain.

  • exact V/oct control over the integration time constant
  • multiple stages of rise and fall each with their own reflection levels?
  • just simple integration with no reflection but instead hard saturation?

Hi Brian,
great to hear that!
For me the Serge was always a kind of “Analog Computer”, if that makes sense.
So yeah, Analog Computer + Sound Computer total Match :wink:

Yes, please!

don´t know what you mean.
A kind of “staircase Envelope”?

what do mean with hard Saturation?

also great would be Slope/Shape-Control (Log->Lin->Exp) of the rise and fall separately.
Of course everything cv controllable :wink:

I’ve been thinking on this quite a bit since it was posted and some thoughts come to mind:

Yes - it’s a great idea - the Serge stuff is excellent!

I’ve built quite a lot of the R*S Serge modules for people and of course I had to understand how they worked to be able to test them properly so I have a fairly good idea of how they work and sound, so:

Functionally, I have long thought that the ER-301 was already very Serge-like in that to build functionality you need to patch discrete units together, create feedback loops etc… and I would like to see this trend continue and the idea of patching to build the thing you would like remain a key principle of working with the module. For example, off the top of my head I think it is already possible to build a USG patch in the ER-301 - I would be much more interested in units that implement the missing elements (if any) to make this possible than an actual USG unit as it were. At least at first.

Sound is another matter entirely, the components used in the audio path of the Serge modules are high grade op amps (That Corp) and poly caps! Other than through digital emulation of specific hardware (expensive CPU wise) I don’t see how this would be possible to match, especially when patching gets complex. This is no discredit to the ER-301 - they are just different things. There is no doubt that part of what makes the Serge modules what they are is precisely this sound quality - I can ping filters all day long, and yes they sound great, but nothing sounds like the VCFQ (Then again, nothing sounds like a Polivoks filter either!).

Regardless of my thoughts… all that is to say - yes please :smile_cat:

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Another vote - yes please! All sounds very interesting