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Set Loop Start/Stop and Play cursor to selected Pattern?



When I’m building up tracks I usually start with a simple Pattern 1. Then I copy it to Pattern 2, add or change something there. Then I copy Pattern 2 to Pattern 3… and so on.

I want the sequence to keep running (to stay in the flow) and I always want the Pattern I’m currently working on to loop until I’m happy with it.

Everytime I copy a Pattern to the next slot I have to change the Loop Start/End points to the new Pattern. And if I want to skip back from Pattern 7 to work on Pattern 3, I also have to move the play position to Pattern 3 – for instance by scrolling to Pattern 3 in Follow Mode.

It would make this workflow so much easier if I could just press one button to:
– Set the Loop Start to the first step of the focused Pattern
– Set the Loop End to the last step of the focused Pattern
– Set the play position to the first step of the focused Pattern

This could be done by focus pressing the Pattern button (pressing twice) or by holding the Pattern button for one second?

Does this make sense to you, could this feature be added in a future firmware – or am I missing something? I also have the ER-102, but I think the Part functions are no “workaround” either?


hmm, i believe that’s already possible, i’m not in front of the sequencer now but if you have your pattern focused just press both loop start and end point buttons at the same time and it should wrap around that focused pattern.


Yes, thanks, that’s right! Well, almost: Pressing Loop Start/End at the same time doesn’t work, but if I focus a Pattern and press Start and then End it wraps around that Pattern. I still think it would be great if it would also move the play cursor to the beginning of that Part.