Set Loop Start/Stop and Play cursor to selected Pattern?

When I’m building up tracks I usually start with a simple Pattern 1. Then I copy it to Pattern 2, add or change something there. Then I copy Pattern 2 to Pattern 3… and so on.

I want the sequence to keep running (to stay in the flow) and I always want the Pattern I’m currently working on to loop until I’m happy with it.

Everytime I copy a Pattern to the next slot I have to change the Loop Start/End points to the new Pattern. And if I want to skip back from Pattern 7 to work on Pattern 3, I also have to move the play position to Pattern 3 – for instance by scrolling to Pattern 3 in Follow Mode.

It would make this workflow so much easier if I could just press one button to:
– Set the Loop Start to the first step of the focused Pattern
– Set the Loop End to the last step of the focused Pattern
– Set the play position to the first step of the focused Pattern

This could be done by focus pressing the Pattern button (pressing twice) or by holding the Pattern button for one second?

Does this make sense to you, could this feature be added in a future firmware – or am I missing something? I also have the ER-102, but I think the Part functions are no “workaround” either?

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hmm, i believe that’s already possible, i’m not in front of the sequencer now but if you have your pattern focused just press both loop start and end point buttons at the same time and it should wrap around that focused pattern.

Yes, thanks, that’s right! Well, almost: Pressing Loop Start/End at the same time doesn’t work, but if I focus a Pattern and press Start and then End it wraps around that Pattern. I still think it would be great if it would also move the play cursor to the beginning of that Part.

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I absolutely agree with rklem :clap:: choosing a pattern in a direct way would be a big step in the workflow. I’m just beginning to get to know the er-101. But I realize that I find the current type of pattern selection very cumbersome. What’s more, is that only all the intermediate patterns are played through before the new loop selection is then looped. So I can not play Pattern 4 directly from Pattern 1, first Pattern 2 and 3 are played in between. Ok, that may work with the 102 (which I do not have yet) with the starting points. But then you always have to press the three buttons, if you want to jump to a selected pattern.
So I am also very much in favor of a function that makes this selection possible with a single button. Maybe also with a “direct jump” only with the 101.

Maybe the second proposal, because focus press has already a function (showing the total duration)


Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that pattern sequencing and related functions will not happen for the standalone ER-101. :bowing_man:

Wow, that was quick, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
I´m pretty shure, that I will get the 102 as soon as possible :grin:, so what do you think about adding a direct pattern selection within the 101/102 combo: starting point, loop start and end of a pattern with one press (e.g. long press on the pattern button)

I don’t like long presses in a musical context but maybe the quantized reset button combo (PATTERN+RESET) could be commandeered? Currently that just causes a reset to happen on the end of the current playing pattern.

With this you would lose the other function (quantized reset), mhhh … :thinking:
What about pressing PATTERN+LOAD? It seems logical for me to kind of “load” a pattern (= looping it).

Maybe even better: just pressing LOAD while Pattern is focused (without pressing PATTERN). This would be the same as loading a snapshot, so even more logical :grin: It could also blinking Abrt first, and with a second press on LOAD the new selection could be confirmed.

The downside: the quick reload of the current snapshot, even while having TRACK, PATTERN or STEP focused would get lost. As a 101-beginner, I cannot estimate, how important this (quick reload) will be for me in the future. But at the moment I think, the profit of quick selecting a pattern-loop is worth the little bother to first press SNAPSHOT for reloading it.

Whatever button combo you prefer :slight_smile: . It just would be great to have this functionality.

As @Matt mentioned: The biggest downside of the current workflow is that all intermediate patterns will always be played before reaching the new loop selection, so one command to loop a pattern AND make the playhead jump to it’s first step would improve the ER-101/102 a lot!

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Well I did design it this way on purpose. I’m just trying to keep an open mind.

Sorry, calling it a “downside” sounds like a general criticism, which wasn’t my intention. It was related to “always”: Personally I like the current workflow for performing, but having the proposed additional functionality in the creation phase would make building up evolving patterns (copy, paste, amend, copy…) easier, faster and more fluid– at least for me.

Hi there, was programming a sequence here with the ER-101 and just happen to have the same question, jumping patterns without playing the intermediate patterns? so as to jam (remix) the whole 10 patterns like when playing live and not go in linear mode… is there a way to do this now?

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i dont think you can do that unless you have the ER-102? (Which i am currently on the hunt for)