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Share your ER-301 Music



Continuing from the excellent thread on the old GG, here’s a thread to post all your ER-301 music YouTubes, SoundClouds etc…

ER-301 for Ambient Soundscapes
ER301 rig pics!
V0.2.x-stable: Thank you!
How useful is the er-301 module for me?



Many thanks for continuing the thread.

Listen to WMD performance mixer test by Chickenbone #np on #SoundCloud



Sound installation alongside with John Cage music/Video : https://www.instagram.com/p/BS0WghiFcUu/?taken-by=chapelierfoumusic&hl=fr



A jam I did with my emulation of the E340 cloud generator (main bass super saw oscillator voice from the ER30).


Have Split two stereo samples into 4 mono parts. Channel 1 has the left side covered with two sample players doing magic. 1 of the 2 samples is in reverse. Channel 2 the same setup but than with the right side of the stereo file. Modulation chain is being fed by tempi and cv trinity.



Ambient using the ER-301, Tides Parasite, Rings, among others. Video collage of landscapes and lace.


Here’s a piece featuring my Shiba Inu Sachi, she’s a very quiet dog and hardly ever barks just a few softer 'ruffs!'
Just her samples in the ER301 being triggered from a ROLLZ5 and the video is from the new Critter & Guitari ETC video synth.


Not sure if this counts as music, but I made a few videos about experiments with doing granular synthesis manually on the ER-301. Sorry about the poor camera work, hopefully the explanations are helpful, but there is some knob tweakage that happens out of frame…


Nifty! Nice patching.


this is awesome
I haven’t checked out the new ETC video synth much yet but it looks like it allows you to upload a picture to manipulate in one of the modes?

I thought it was all pattern generation that is so cool!


Thanks! Yes there wasn’t originally a mode where you could use imported images but it mentioned that it would be possible in the manual, so I asked if they could make one as I have no coding experience / expertise myself and they put a simple one together! I hope that there are more modes developed that give us the ability to mangle imported images more, kinda like a 301 for images!


hey so you have a menqi rollz 5 and you are using the rollz from the top two rows to trigger the er301 right?

I have a plumbutter and I wasn’t sure if the nonstandard nature of the brown outputs (these would be what I’m assuming you are using from the rollz5 would somehow damage the er301

I’m considering purchasing one of the newer oval synths and all of its jacks are pretty nonstandard it seems and I was hoping if I used them with the er301 I wouldn’t damage anything

thank you for letting me know!


Yes I am doing just that.
With some of the Rolls I used an offset module and the audio out of the Rollz5 is going to a pair of inputs in the 301 which sorts out the ground.
Not sure about the outputs on the Plumbutter, hopefully I will find out tomorrow as mine should be arriving at some point.
Also I connected from the ultrasounds to modulate pitch on samples in the 301 too, so I guess the connections are safe to use!
I love the Rollz5 for controlling samples (and my other modular gear) but wanted a bit more control as it can quickly get really fast and chaotic! The Plumbutter should give me the same vibe but a lot more control.
I’ll let you know how I get on with the Plumbutter controlling the 301.


Here’s a little jam with the ER-301 and friends :slight_smile:


live performance. semigenerative ambient. cascading tones and textures. reworking material from a song on my upcoming album. first use of er-301, mixology, and second ansible. monome grid + arc, meadowphysics + cycles. patch notes on the video page.

Sample playback: merging trigs, selecting slices



just a quick test with a two voice marimba sequence combined with a res-4 and mmf-1s voice.
sequenced with the 101. slice addressing didn’t work all the time, sometimes the wrong slices were triggered but it’s fun to explore nonetheless.