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trying out grains with three identical players recieving same patch from 101/102 with bias adjustments per


that’s really great!


An etude in “scratching” with the Planar and ER-301.

Patch notes: the Planar’s sense gate is the run signal for the sample (with an ADSR). The joystick is controling playback speed. (edit: worth noting this modulation is bipolar, translating to forward and reverse playback up to 2x speed.) The gate button is turning on a 301 internal VCA (also with an ADSR for de-clicking).

The drum sounds are also out of 301, being sequenced by trigger outs from DrumDokta. There is a little position modulation on the highhat sample which brings in something that sounds like a tom, and gives a little bit of swing on the hat.



man love your stuff, pretty epic (kei)

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I’ll have some proper videos up soon, but here’s 2 recent Instagram posts making use of the 301.

Clip 1 - All of the percussion sounds are synthesized in the ER-301. The kick is a sine and the rest is pink noise going through various VCAs, filters, delays and granular units (all with copious amounts of modulation).

Clip 2 - A few granular units live processing Mutable Instruments Elements. Lots of filters with filtered noise as modulation.

Clip 3 - Two channels of six sine wave units modulating one another. all the sounds here are generated by the 301, with the exception of the field recording


I liked no.1 very much - nice that you used just a few units to get such a variety of sounds :smiley:

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here i tried to use the 301 as a regular percussion sampler but also as a shaker, hihat generator with incoming audio triggering an envelope follower which opens filtered noise on a vca.
i really love how beautiful this module integrates with my workflow and the analog voices around and through it. an immense enrichment to my setup!


This is really lovely, @kilchhofer, reminds me of old Orb or FSOL! You have such a round, full sound, I love it! Excellent Work!

@kilchhofer Seriously nice piece

thanks you @giftculture @TimefireVR

Here’s a video of my set at Modular Cafe here in Tokyo on Wednesday using the 301 lots.


Quick first clip:

Also featuring, but not pictured: DPO, Morphagene, Clouds

Can’t wait to wrap more of my brain around this :slight_smile:

Edit: just want to say that I’m seriously digging the music everyone is posting and am excited to see the music develop alongside the ER-301.

Edit x2: I’m gathering the stress unit is not intended for regular processing use. Wondering how regular use might affect the module, other than potential lag/latency? Thanks!

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This evenings patch :slight_smile:


@anon83620728 Sincerely enjoyed this! Care to explain the patch?