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Share your ER-301 Music

again, something completely different (a Scotsman on a horse?)

just ER-301, E352, Mysteron and a wee bit DPO


"here’s a new piece with my er-301. based on 4 sampled sequences from verbos harmonic oscillator - sequenced by fugue machine. these are sometimes passed through with a slow lfo, or played in different speeds and playback directions. as always, please bring some time to listen.“

  1. seq /// orthogonal devices er-301 manual grains / position mod. by slow lfo (sample source verbos ho)
  2. seq /// orthogonal devices er-301 raw player (sample source verbos ho)
  3. seq /// orthogonal devices er-301 raw player / pitch x2 (sample source verbos ho)
  4. bass seq /// orthogonal devices er-301 raw player / half pitch, reverse (sample source verbos ho)
  5. pad /// orthogonal devices er-301 manual grains / position mod. manually (sample source verbos ho)
  6. oriental slices /// make noise morphagene 01
  7. choir slices /// make noise morphagene 02
  8. effect /// verbos harmonic oscillator

recorded live with tascam dr 100. no audio processing.
for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.


That’s a good film clip as well. Adds another vibe to that harmonic which is deep. Very well done

Very good

This is my new monome isms album - Kubota. The er301 features on many tracks. Preorder’s open now. Full digital release on March 30th and limited edition chrome cassette (ships @April 23rd), as well as on all major streaming services. Preorder from my bandcamp.

The album was made with this system.

YouTube video links so far :


This one mostly uses the scannable harmonic oscillator custom unit, into my Wavefolder2 unit (with the second stage deleted).

Control is 16n Faderbank; cycling modulation is Maths; FM source is The Harvestman Kermit.

Very light saturation from Xaoc Tallin (mid) and reverb is Chase Bliss Dark World (side), and there’s a bit of u-he Colour Copy.


awesome track! inspires me to attempt at more custom units!

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I’ve got the er301 setup as the main mixer now and it is working out. I was a little unsure about going this route because I thought it would be easy for me to mess up the whole mix by accidentally hitting a wrong button or something, but it is working out so far. Stereo chain on tracks 1 and 2 mixing 6 channels (bass, pluck, plonk, rings, clouds and output of feedback loopers on tracks 3 and 4. Super basic stuff but also super fun! Loving this module! Side note: I’m right handed but I prefer doing everything with the 301 with my left hand. Knob on the left is a factor, but also I’m slow and deliberate with the left hand…I don’t know; weird. Recorded with 2 of the 6 track recorder.


I’d like to share a piece of music but how do I embbed the track rather than a link to soundcloud. Please, would be grateful for any help…thanks

Just copy and paste the link into the box, it should ‘just work’ :slight_smile:

Hey Kel… . did that last time and the http link appeared in the box, very dull. If I upload the track to soundcloud, what then should I do that listeners can listen within the forum, :ok_hand:

Did you look at the preview to the right of the post edit box, did it not create a Soundcloud box?

I just tried it and it works fine here!

That instruction might be the key, let me try that
Thanks mate

at the heart is the brother and sisters, namely, 301 , 101 and 102

multiple waveforms simply modulated for harmonic sweetspots

Thanks fella, it’s much better than the last attempt

this is my new e.p. , three tracks of cinematic noise\dark ambient.
it is entirely made with Shoggoth, a custom unit inspired by creature sound design (and also some inspiration came from Swipe by @Zeta :slight_smile: )
i’m still adding stuff so i won’t publish the unit until it sounds finished enough.


Excellent! :ok_hand:

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I’ve already shared a couple of the tracks from it, but here’s my new album. ER-301 appears in 8 of the 12 songs (e.g. everything I recorded since I got it, except when I didn’t use Eurorack at all). Sometimes it’s the star, sometimes it’s just a mixer, but it’s always got a job to do :slight_smile:

Patch notes and commentary are here.


I am really glad to share my new and first full lenght album „Nallo“ with you guys.

I mainly used my ER301 for sampling, granulating and mangling of old orchestral cassette tapes.

Ahh and here‘s the video to one of the tracks from the release:



Nice track @ringhof.

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