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Share your ER-301 Music



A small experiment. I added 5 delays in series. Each one had different delay times, both from unit to unit, and between L&R channels – pretty much randomly set, from 10ms to around 130ms.

Then I had one knob scale the delay times – each differently. the shortest taps got the most gain from the offset, and the longest the least. I don’t really know what I was going for here :slight_smile:

I topped it off with a bit of Freeverb. The signal chain was a slightly modulated BIA going into a slightly modulated Humpback filter.

There’s some potential here, maybe somebody else would be smart enough to think of exact values with which to scale the delays, coming up with something even more neat :slight_smile:

Multitap delay custom unit/chain? like rainmaker or tapographic delay

my first contribution
with ER-301 nerdseq 2 triatt and 1 LS-1


nice aesthetic, Mooko


Thank you!


do you have other things to share?


With the 301? Not yet…


no. your music


Very cool, sounds like you’re getting an effect that’s like a mix between a low reflection count reverb and comb filtering.


That was really nice, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks for having a listen!

It’s slowly dawning on me that part of what makes the 301 so powerful is the ability to spam a ton of units :smile: now if we only had that feedback for the pitch-shifting delay we’d be in Rainmaker territory :slight_smile:


here’s a recycled track where i added supporting elements within the 301, supporting marimba to the main res-4 tracks, a flute, some percussion and a shakerish thing. i like that i can use older modular recordings and “finish” them on the er301 without using the computer!:

ER-101 Favorite Clock Input Rate?

I have had the exact same thought myself assembling things like Evil Twin and Rumor. Nothing that can’t be done with other Euro modules (oscillators, delays, VCAs, offsets, mixers, etc.). But geesh, to have them in such quantity would take up a lot of space and leave a huge hole in my bank account. :slight_smile:


Here my souncloud https://soundcloud.com/m0oko/tracks
But it not up to date
And of course my youtube channel


I dig that @kilchhofer - very melodic!


Another one!


I like that :+1: One recommendation is to put a (soft) limiter after EACH delay stage to get more even dynamics.


Really loving this submissions, everyone. Powers up my day everytime. :bow:


er 301 used here for the ambient granular melody and the vocals.
and looping the drum break


Something about that big analog scope shot in B&W is just captivating. :slight_smile:

Nice track, too.


Great track!