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Some ambient. 301 doing grain-playback, verb and delay.


in this patch i have played again manually with the granular synthesis of the er-301. intellijel triatt controls the starting points of three granular mashines

have a nice christmas party and a happy new!


Just realized I never posted my stuff on this thread. If you like ambient, electro-acoustic music, take a look!


hi. this is my first stab at the ultraviolet unit by @rbeny


this was the practice round to a set i played last night with marcus fischer, ann annie, amulets, and alissa derebuis.

the er-301 is running a looper, grainstretch, and octave switching. digitakt is microsampling drums into single cycle waveform-type sfuff, making into a synth (of sorts). morphagene does a couple extra things underneath…


Nice! Well received?


it was!!! really great time had by all. portland makes me proud sometimes. :slight_smile:
thanks for listening!!!


Great, my pleasure. I enjoyed it.


Here’s a little kalimba through the ER-301 + sine oscillator bass :grinning:


This is the first patch using the 301 that I have felt solid enough about to perform live. Played at the Empty Bottle here in Chicago this past Tuesday, and decided to record a longer take last night to post online. Managed to utilize all but one input :sunglasses:, and when all was said and done ended up idling between 75-78% CPU.


Just listened to that at another forum @tomk Nice work.

Courageous to make your first performance using the ER-301 one in which CPU is hovering towards 80%!


made this on a snowy day here in TN. 301, Morphagene and Dervish. O_c on sequencing duties and Temps Utile on clock.

Video is footage I made with a 3trins and other goodies, better than looking at nothing I figure.


lovely! may i ask how you are achieving the pad sound?


Thanks for saying so! I felt really confident once I got it dialed in and found out where the “safe limit” was for this particular patch.


Thank you! The pad sound you’re referring to is probably iterative recording of DPO into the Morphagene. Recording starts with notes from DPO that have fast AD envelopes from Maths into Optomix, and I gradually open the envelope stage times up as I record additional layers into new splices. The end of that process is removing envelope control from Optomix and running it wide open. This creates a morphing, static pitch field, as the pitch information/CV does not change at all in this piece. Thanks for asking!


Great explanation, thank you!


ER-301 controlled by teletype


Nice! Totally disappointed on the almost total absence of Korb modules though :stuck_out_tongue:

(apart from that mixer prototype)


A patch from Sunday/Monday. The er-301 is looping a field recording, playing drums and handling various signal processing duties. Plonk is doing percussion. Monomes Ansible handled sequencing.


Hello, here’s a little video using the 301 as switching mixer and some processing