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ER-301 and varigate 8 as sequencer
One Take recording with reverb&FX in ableton


Really nice @gregor - thanks for sharing it!


:slight_smile: thank you!


a sequence based on the “gingerbreadman”-fractal
this formula: Xn+1 = Yn-sgn(Xn)sqrt(abs(bXn-c))Yn+1 = a-Xn

sequence recorded from shuttle control into er101/102 where i created different loop points and parts to play with the sequence…although it stays pretty much the same, it’s self-similar :slight_smile:
sine waves with phase modulation (v1 into v2, v2 into v3 and v3 into v1) from er301.
transient plucks is a duplicate from v1, harm. osc through mmf1. another voice runs through r54 and d0 and everything through a clocked delay in the 301, recorded directly in the 301.


utterly beautiful


thanks, the sine waves on the er301 are extremely good sounding!


Yes, lovely indeed…maths, huh! :slightly_smiling_face:


New track
With nerdseq and er-301


putting out 33 of these before im 33.33 years old (just turned 33).

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Hi. I’m still pretty new to eurorack and especially the ER-301, so this is my first attempt putting it to good use. Just using the sample player for the EP sample. Second sample via manual grains, with some modulation of start points and duration. The samples were actually stereo, but I haven’t figured out how to route stereo yet, so I’m just using mono outs. Love the ER-301 and eager to learn more.


Navigate to Admin > Channel Setup and link/unlink channels there.


Here the er301 acts as looper and fx processor:


testing the omnimod with the er301


Don’t forget to save your chain or custom units first - switching between mono and stereo clears the chains!

Lots of great contributions :smile:


Thanks Brian!


New track with ER-301, that little thing is always full of possibilities!


Manually playing the grain stretch unit on the er301. I’m messing with the grain duration and jitter whilst using a Count to Five looper pedal with my left hand.


Very cool, so the distorted pad is rings distorted by the 301 ?


awesome stuff


i guess ima put this here.