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Share your ER-301 Music



It’s been a little while, and I don’t really keep any sort of patch notes. However, I think what I did was recorded the Rings part into the ER-301. Then I dropped it into a grains unit and manually smeared/played it back into Rings as another track in my DAW. There may have been some Cold Mac in there somewhere, using the Crease input for some dirtiness.


Here is a new video in conjunction with the verbos harmonic oscillator and vocals by Sofie Klein (played with the Er-301)


really great sounds and thanks for sharing!


This was my patch from yesterday. The ER-301 is playing a field recording of the general ambience outside my window as well as processing a melodic line from Plonk and a drone from Rings. The ER-301 also provides the rhythmic elements via a couple of sample players.


Yesterday I played at the launch of Powwow Turin (a first in Italy) with my 2 row modular with not many modules: Frap Tools Fumana, Sapèl and 321, Make Noise Tempi, DPO, Optomix and Erbe-verb, O_C, and of course the ER-301.
I used the 301 as a sample player (the bass drum and a lesson on the concept of non-self that I used as a modulator in the Fumana), clocked delay, grain delay and doppler delay, a stereo VCA for the Erbe-Verb (i used the Erbe more as a percussion than a reverb) and as a final mixing stage. It went well, I think. Here is the video (it should start with my performance, if it doesn’t it starts at 22 minutes):

and here is a pic of the setup:


Is that like a pre-production Fumana :thinking:? You lucky dog you. :grin: Really like frap tools front panel designs. You had the 301 nicely employed as well!



It’s a final production Fumana, it’s shipping now. I just really strongly wanted it for yesterday’s gig, and I had it shipped at the earliest time possible :slight_smile:


Hei :ok_man:

thank you for your excellent music and inspirations here

i drop this here, my first steps with the ER-301. Sample Slicer :blush:



mopoco: ascent II_interplay ca. 200mb (!)


This is a patch that I just made for this weeks Disquiet Junto over on Lines.

This track relies on the ER-301 for everything. There are a couple field recordings, one of some ice melting from my gutters, and another of my neighbor clearing his driveway with a snow blower. I also used the 301 as a couple of pedal loopers, looping Just Type in Synthesis mode, and then processing it through the Trash Tape custom unit.


love this thing :alien:


hey, this is great Ale! love it!


wow! what part has the 301 in the patch? sounds great!


Hei hyena!
Thank you :blush:
I recorded the shapeshifter in random stepping mode. After that, slicing up, stepping randomly through slices,vca’s,filter,… stereo channels for panning and than into rainmaker. Another monochannel for a snare and a ride.
More music in the pipeline. Im really enjoing my system with the er301. So much potential and i just scratched on the surface :bowing_man:


really good! i used to do similar stuff recording hertz donut mk2 into octatrack, chopping and sequencing with some random. i’ll surely translate that to 301 as soon as it lands here :slight_smile:


ER-301 + reel to reel tape loop delay


Nice!! Love the tape machine :heart_eyes:

Ever since seeing the opening credits to Mindhunter I’ve been lusting after one of those amazing tape machines - not cheap though!

I believe it’s a Sony TC-5550-2. Love the VU meters :smile:

This is mostly focussed on the tape machine, but thee are very brief scenes from the series some viewers may find disturbing, viewer discretion advised.


ER-301 sinewave plucks through the 4ms Tapographic Delay.


Wanted to share- this is the first track I have used my ER 301 successfully with. I’m still trying to get a handle of the whole thing, but I definitely enjoy what I got here- took a sample of a loop and tried to make it sound as tape like as possible. Hope you all enjoy!