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Share your ER-301 Music



Sunday is music day… some patch notes in the video:

Thanks @odevices for your help yesterday, got passed the issues and on to music. Can’t say enough good things about this module, its just too great and too fun.


Excited last week’s performance. I had the honor of being part of the first in a series of immersive a/v shows put together by Cosmic Sound here in Pittsburgh. Altared is centered around ambient and electronic music accompanied by live visuals in a church setting. Char Stiles did live coding and Projectile Objects handled the projection mapping, both of which were especially interesting against the organ pipes in the church.

I used the ER-301 quite a bit for this. Patch notes in the video description, hope you enjoy it!


First thing that doesn’t totally suck that I’ve made with the ER-301 triggering a sample of my daughter, and adding a bunch of effects to all the other bits:


This is my very first live performance at a show using a modular. What did I learn? Performing like this is like trying to juggle 10 balls…I thought I’d post it here, warts and all, because the 301 was used a fair amount.


Pretty seamless performance for a first time out! Nice job @rgalbraith


That sounds fantastic!


@jonny looks and sounds great! Where is this?


Thank you :blush:


Thanks Tom, it was done at a place called Palisade Playhouse in Pittsburgh. There will be another at the end of the month on the 31st with a different set of artists. Should be good!


Thanks sixnon! It was stressful, but fun haha.


first test, very simple stuff, patch notes in sc description


It’s been far too long since I posted (recorded) any sounds, so here’s my first TT/301 jam, nothing special, but I enjoyed working out how the TT works and wrote my first little script.

The only modules used are Pam’s NW, Teletype and ER-301:

Here’s the script for the main melody line:

P.N 0

Which means:

Use pattern 0 - i.e. the first bank of cv values - I used 7
Send the cv value from a randomly chosen step
send a pulse out on trigger a
if a coin toss is 1 set the pattern length (the cv values) to a number between 2 and 7


Did you use the ER-301 for any of these?


This has some Animal Collective vibes and I"m totally into it


Well done Kel!



oops! wrong forum :slight_smile: deleting


hehe, whoops!


one take, dark atmosphere and hard breaks.
er-301 doing almost everything with a couple of sound sources (zorlon cannon mk2, hertz donut mk2, dpo), some filtering on drums (plague bearer + doepfer wasp), some reverb (oliverb + a-199) and some additional layer by clouds.
the 301 is making me happy like a child on christmas day :smiley:


here is my new video. the idea of the title is a sequence of plaits edited in the orthogonal devices er-301 with 3 pitshshifter delays and 5 clocked stereo delays.


just dropped a comment on muff’s but this is intense!