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Share your ER-301 Music



I really enjoy the aesthetics and sounds of your videos. Thanks for sharing. :grinning:


Yes, really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


You get such a lovely sound out of the modular, @elinch! It’s a pleasure to hear your work and very inspiring!


custom global chains for creating an analog shift register with cascade of s&h and micro delay units (for gate\trig\clock delay).
each of the 4 voices of the ASR feeds a grain stretch sampler with the same sample (my voice, a low C “aaaaaah”), with independent panning, filtering and amp envelope. a master LPF is put as end of chain.
channel 3 is used as clocked (and filtered) delay on an aux send of the mixer.
additional reverb from oliverb (clouds parasite). reverb on the delay return from a-199 spring reverb.
the ASR is fed a sequence from ornament and crime in quantermain mode with internal cv source (intseq, then logistic map then turing, with some tweaking). o_c and 301 are clocked by tempi.
i love fake polyphony :slight_smile:


@elinch I really like your system - your video makes me want to finally pull the trigger on the harmonic oscillator. Also, are you using one Morphagene for live sampling, and the other for pre-recorded materials?


Hello Tomk.

I have no fixed system there. I only sample with one and if that is certain, with the other. Or I sample with the one the output of the other and then have a free again available. Two Morphagenes are a real luxury, but I really like the tape based work. For me personally, there is currently no more creative module, with which you can work so intuitively after a short time. And the nice thing is that a lot of things happen by coincidence and inaccuracies. But normally, 1 Morphagene is really enough, especially since you can sample the results with the ER 301. The Harmonic Oscillator is beautiful, but also very expensive and consumes a lot of space. Look at other videos on this. I hope I helped.


Small 301 system:

Here the 301 plays the synth building blocks and completed voice, a compressor, an audio mixer, multiple vcas and evnvelopes.

I love the complex patches and I love using it as a looper, but I find its in this simple way that I mostly use it. Starting from scratch each time, not because I have to; because its just as fast to build as i go, these blocks that fill in whatever i was thinking of at the time. Maybe not so glamorous? its what I have come to enjoy the most about the 301 — its what i need right now and in a few mins, right at my finger tips.



That mechanisms case looks really functional in a small footprint…not to mention control possibilities with the TSNM module!


I like it! For whatever reason i’m not using the util row here, but I do think 7u is the way to go for a tiny synth setup.


I was going to ask you about the functionality/utility of that row. I thought I saw a couple of modules in use.


I like it — joysticks are great. I wish it had 1 shot lfo modes for env use and I think ( have to test again) , that the vcas are setup for audio not really cv, but i could be wrong about that. In another vid on my vimeo I am using them a lot more.


three dual complex vcos, three lopassgates, tempi, rené, o_C copier maschine, er-301 as looper and delay, spring reverb, digital reverb, granulation (clouds).

a simple ambient patch but 301 is adding its magic to the whole.


exercise in harmony and algorhythmic composition. check description on sc for patch notes.
sine waves a gogo :slight_smile:


Trying out the new whimsical raps module — er301 is on mixing duty. Even when i’m not using it for its crazy strengths, and just in a simple patch like this, it still comes in handy… so much!


This is great! I nearly shared it here myself but figured you would get round to it :wink:


Here is one more. 301 is on the lead voice, mixing and fx.



Great stuf !


I recently played a live ambient set with 301 as the backbone. Really worked out well, again – my process is loading quicksaves from song to the next, which makes for a nicely isolated environment from one song to the next.

This set is fairly collagey (that’s now a word). Some field recordings and intertwining melodies, along with floating masses of sound. In addition to the 301, BIA, LI, Plaits and Shapeshifter act as sound sources. My modular is pretty close to perfect, I’m loving it so much.


This is amazing @josker - really enjoying listening to this, good work!!

I bet it sounded great over a large system!


Cheers kel! Lots of stuff I’d like to improve for the next gig, but it was fun!