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Share your ER-301 Music



new one for me
3 clock stretch chains with lot of Sample & Hold and delays
pulplogic V.Noise use as the master clock for the 301 and Temps Utile


Super cool Mooko!


@JayPee thank you !


Here’s me using the Buchla custom unit to play back the set of 88 piano custom unit samples on my ER-301, alongside 2HP Pluck and Dixie II+ being run through Magneto with some Morgasmatron in the mix. All powered by PNW + a little bit of u0_c, and Pittsburgh Modular micro sequence. https://soundcloud.com/cksample/trum


Youtube of a recent live performance. 301 acting as looper and mixer, high pass filter. 101/102 doing a little acid sequencing.


https://soundcloud.com/cksample/chords using the 88key pre-sliced sample 3 times at different adjusted offsets to make chords. Run through Magneto and Morgasmatron for added fun.


Lots of good time with ER-301! It’s beginning to become the best module for atonal field recorded more noisy stuff in my system. You’ll probably spot some close shots from the screen as well in the video.

Gear: Zoom h6, Eurorack system, Elektron Analog Rytm and Octatrack
Notes: Ambiences from the paper factory processed with OID ER-301 and Mutable instruments Clouds. Percussions from field recordings processed with Octatrack and drum kit is designed on Analog Rytm.


and the viznutcracker! sweet screensaver from ornament and crime too, or am i wrong? :smiley:


You are right! Might be my favorite mode, I feel that there are infinite amount of sweet spots on that one :smile: …and the inventor of that mode is Finnish guy just like me, that might have something to do with the fact that I find that mode so plesant, cold winters and nightless summer nights you know :smile:


Nice work visually and accoustically!


Thanks man! :slight_smile:


agree, very nice :slight_smile:


Than you so much!


Amazing man, sounds great. I’m waiting to pick up my ER-301, would love to know how you put this together. Really impressive that all sounds are coming from the 301. Great work!

Ypsi Kid


First post in this thread, be gentle :slight_smile: I celebrated my new ER-301 focus mini-system with a new one-man-band name and a YouTube channel! I will be producing music and videos under the name OHNE (from the German word for “without” - a word that is featured a lot on food packaging). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7We4G157hM4xt083q32Hhg

I had some spare time and made my first video with a 12 minute ukulele grain drone. I’m using the ukulele as a sound source, a DIY music box, a Mangrove and an FM patch that is discussed in this thread FM patch units (DX7 inspired). So happy with a small setup like this one. Very easy to focus on a single piece of music and get it together.

The theme for this piece is a card from a cat Tarot deck I found the other day on the flea market. Le Bateleur (The Magician) is a wonderful card in the deck and is also featured on the front of the deck. In many traditions cats are a symbol for bridging our 3D reality to the astral plane and other dimensions. Hence, the image of a “cat magician” is even more powerful, colorful and inspiring.


Thanks, appreciate it! The set up on the ER-301 for this is actually really basic, 2xstereo channels using mixer modules for each part, and basic sample players inside with VCAs at the end. All the sampling was done using the Pedal Looper with the DM12 plugged straight into the 301 and recorded live improvisations.

Nebulae 2 vs Er301

i used the er301 a lot in this recording. most obvious is the middle part where you can clearly hear the vocal and acoustic guitar sample. and some drum samples
but its also used as a mixer, reverb, and oscillators. basically all the sine wave arpeggios through delays throughout the recording are the 301 oscillators.


incipit of my last ambient liveset, inspired by my original soundtrack for the No Pet documentary film.
here the er-301 is mainly playing the role of a very advanced,very customizable loopstation.
i’m so in love with this module!!!


Love it, what’s happening at the start? is it er-301 too?


Thanks, no the first couple seconds is rings and some noise\lpg through mutable parasites delay