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modular at home, midnight. ambient live performance.

i filmed this in advance of the set i played at modular on the spot san diego this past sunday. i have a small skiff (obligatory rig pic), so the ER301 played a central role: layers of rhodes, harp, and modular melodies; pads, drones, and field recordings. most of what you hear is 3-5 simultaneous samples playing from the 301, along with a single mangrove oscillator for melodic phrases and swells. detailed patch notes are on the video page.


Still getting the hang of the scale modes in there but for day 2 or 3 with the 301, I am in love with it. More modular videos to come on my 301


this is all er301 using 100% internal modules as sound sources, vca’s and modulation - its self generating - outputted to w/ for live looping. Recorded live in 1 take. 2 modules used only -> er301 + w/.


Here is my last video. The piece builds up around a sequence with the Verbos HO. The Er-301 is again responsible for various things. 2 sine oscillators are sequenced by VB, mixer, various delays, sample player, EQ, filter.


sounds really good. love the way it unfolds. great work as usual mr. m


I thought it needed to be said. If you, like me, until now, hadn’t spent any time playing around syncing an aliasing saw unit with another one, you should do yourself a favor and check that out. It becomes a very expressive little voice.

Just a noodle. The bass line is the FM Op unit from the middle layer testlib. Kick is a sample, and the snare is modulated pink noise. Everything else is the voice from the synced saw setup.


this was released this week. I used the 301 extensively on a lot of these tracks in various ways. (you can also find it on your fav streaming service)


Another excellent one. Thanks for sharing.

Edit: Also your system is literally begging for some grayscale panels for those morphogenes. The NG can be the only module that deserves to not have the front panel swapped out. :rofl:


two sine oscillators phase modulating each other.
a quadrature lfo modulating v/oct of both oscillators with inverted phase, and amplitude of both oscillators again with inverted phase (amp mod is 45° out of phase vs phase mod for each oscillator)
some extra low pass filtering, delay and reverb.
all done inside the er-301 with just a touch of reverb from oliverb.
inspired by reading stephen hawking.


Wow, this is great! Typically not too heavily into ‘non-musical’ patches, but this I very much like. I think I’ll have to try and replicate what you described – hope I can pull it off :sweat_smile:


you can even avoid the external quadrature lfo (in my case is quadraturia from o_C) by using 4 additional sine osc, synced one another and with different phase settings, as global chains.

my sine osc here are put into mixer channels in global chains, so i can take their output from anywhere and use it for whatever i want (in this case cross-phasemod\feedback).

each of the sine outs then is routed into a mixer channel on a stereo chain and hard panned (left and right) for big stereo image and intelligibility

EDIT: scratch the “synced one another”, better to say synced to a common gate source, so you can reset them and be sure they are synchronized but out of phase one another


Love this! We may be on a similar journey. Subscribed to your channel and looking forward to things to follow.


tom this album kicks ass :+1:


looper, buffer shared with granular sampler. glitchy soundscapes.


Hello all. I wanted to share my most recent album Discorporeal. The Er-301 factored heavily into how this one turned out and I’m happy to share it here! It’s a mixture of noisy ambient with lots of granular things happening. Would love to hear people’s thoughts!!


Hello lovely forum-goers. I made a movie and the 301 is one of the main characters. Hope you find it vaguely entertaining.


I’m really loving this track. Looking forward to diving into the rest later and maybe picking your brain on some of the sounds. Well done


Thank you so much. Big fan of your music btw! And yeah, message me anytime for any questions you have. Used a lot of different things on this one, but that first track specifically is a Telharmonic with lots of distortion and grain stuff from Er-301 and some vsts. :slight_smile:


This is hilarious :laughing: I would go to your yoga class.


Thanks! Is the granular stuff in this track from th er 301? I’m just getting started with it and haven’t explored them yet