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Share your ER-301 Music



lovely sounding and quite fun! looking forward to hearing/seeing more!


First video I’ve uploaded in six months! Took some time off but happy to record this and move on to the next one :slight_smile:


Hi @yoyosandshoes, yeah near the end I’m messing with the manual grains unit as well as another vst that I can’t remember the name of at the moment. But there’s definitely some manual grains action- used with some randomization/ sample and hold of the original recording.



Here’s my live set from the recent Bangkok livestream powwow event


Only received my ER-301 2 days ago but have really gelled with it. Very impressed thus far! Here’s my first 3 patches. :slight_smile:


Sick! :sunglasses:


Before I got into modular I was dedicated to electric bass and lots of pedals. Haven’t touched my bass in over a year, but decided to take it out and plug it into the 301 tonight. I’m really happy I did! The sampling/mangling capabilities of the 301 lend themselves really well to guitar/bass. There is a bassline in this clip, but it’s coming from the VCO-2RM–everything else is my jazz bass.


Nice. Not what I was expecting!


eww! thant is so cool! foreboding!


Thanks @Joe–I’m a big fan of harmonics on bass


Lovely patch Tom. Always a fan of combining traditional instruments with the electronics. I’ve recently designed an ER-301 patch with guitar. I’ll post it below. I also remember seeing someone post a question about whether the ER-301 can do ambient or not. This also answers that question :slight_smile:


Sounds great!


This is wonderful


Having some fun with the ER-301 and ansible kria today. I love it when simple things come together to be greater than the sum of the parts. On the ER-301, this is two drum samples, and 2 sine oscillators, each with some waveshaping from the sample scanner.


Here’s a little patch I made while learning… notes in the youtube post. All 301 with some Rings as an input on one of the voices.


Hi all, this is my first recorded ER 301 patch/track, and my first sample based tune too. The patching wasn’t very efficient as it was an exercise in learning the ER 301 and Teletype in a more compositional framework than my previous modular music so the focus was more on “how do I make this happen?” rather than happy accidents etc. Now I’ll spend some time exploring the 301, the community’s shared units and learning how to set up presets and custom units. The videos and tutorials of @NeilParfitt and @Joe are fantastic - these are great minds to learn from. Hope some of you enjoy the track.


very mellow and mysterious!


Nice track ! It reminds me Labradford…


was this just the er-301 and a guitar? loved it :heart: