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Share your ER-301 Music



Thanks. Wasn’t aware of them but have just looked them up and I’m a fan. my approach to guitar is similar too


Cheers! And yep, nothing but that original guitar part and everything else is processing from the ER301.


Lovely lofi vibe to it.


This is an improv I did using a custom unit I made on the er301 - all internal er301 sounds / programming + w/ looper


really beautiful


Nice piece! What case is that? Is it a DIY?


Thanks, no it’s not DIY, it’s a Whimsical Raps / Monome isms case. It has a 1u strip of utilities modules built into the case as well as all the audio inputs and outputs and you plug the monome grid directly into the back. They didn’t build many, I think @10 - heres a link to the 1u strip https://monome.org/images/isms-manual-p2.pdf


wow only 10? didnt realise the run was that small. looks lovely.


Yes - 10 systems and they sold 3 refurbs about a month ago. There’s been a lot of requests to build again and Tehn is considering more but it wouldn’t be for at least another year.


If anyone is interested/around, I’ll be performing for powwow Chicago today at 16:30 CST. Here’s a link to their FB page which will have a livestream https://www.facebook.com/powcademy.tv/

Also on instagram @powcadamy.tv



This is all 301 except the beat. Using TSNM and pressure points, along with some pressure sensitive tile modules to control it. 301 is running 4 oscillators that are being controlled.


very nice! what are you using for sidechain compression\limiting?


Thanks! the mscl compressor goes on the end of chain, which is doing some overall mush. And simple inverted VCAs inside the 301 do most of the heavy lifting for ‘priority’ of what’s heard.


Here’s a clip from my set for Powwow Chicago last night:


Anybody else here getting in on the Powwow action?


awesome set!


Thanks @mudlogger! I’m going to give this patch another spin or two in the coming weeks and try to get more of the sweet spots out of it. Thanks for sharing!


Hello! here two collection of short daily instagram clips
all was recorded in my first week with er 301
sorry for terrible audio video quality, my phone is old

first video shows various stages of my first custom poly osc unit

second video shows various random cool moments using er 301


New Jam


This is quite fun. Using the Teletype to randomise drums from a choice of 5000 samples in the ER-301, and synth sounds from a tweaked, randomizable Evil Twin on the second ER-301


just 301 with three sisters
big thanks to @odevices :slightly_smiling_face: