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Share your ER-301 Music



This is great! I love this deep, hazy, lo-fi style.

I can hear that the 3 sisters is doing the per-channel filtering. Are the percussion and synth parts pre-recorded samples? How are they being sequenced?


Just uploaded a performance of the patch I did on Powwow the other week. Last patch with v0.3.25!


Thanks! Yep, thats just one sample going into sisters and few drumchains sequenced with beatstep pro (transfering the sequence into teletype right now, out of curiosity:))


awesome piece!
what are the pulses from the URA doing? exciting rings? and/or something else?


This is good. Reminds me of Actress.


Thank you!

URA Sample A OUT > Rings STRUM; and URA R-PULSE OUT to Rings audio IN

…but now that I look back at this performance, I never switched Rings to dual-polyphony mode (would have normally done this toward the end of the piece), so Sample A of the URA is essentially doing nothing audible here (oops :man_shrugging:!)

R-PULSE OUT is a spectacular noise source for Rings audio IN :+1:


Hi everybody! I am new here and a new owner of the er-301. Just got it a couple of days ago. Today I played with it for the first time. Just doing some simple sampling and modulation at the moment… this thing is great! This is a jam I did today from a leftover patch of a live performance I did last week, hope you will enjoy it. Thanks


hey all – Sort of… 2 short tracks together, hiphopish. Rough around the edges for sure.
Lead and base sounds from 301, control from the touch cap modules into 301.


great stuff! is the sidechain made inside the 301? if not what do you use?
i love this style of distorted hip hop (i love bomb20, dalek, clipping. and a lot of similar artists!!!)


thanks @hyena! There are different levels of the side chain effect. The 301 sounds (basss/lead) are set up inside the 301 to only hear one at a time depending on the pressure (you can see my right thumb controlling the bass “on”, and its pressure eventually cuts out the lead completely) after that, the sounds get distorted which adds to the side chain effect, where the “loudest wins”. And they eventually go through a compressor which again does some side chain like effects (I have many compressors, here its the MSCL… which i like because of the size but you don’t get quite enough control over some aspects of the compression).

So there aren’t any literal sidechains happening (but I do love love that as well!!) its mostly straight forward compression or volume competition.


very nice!


not really music, just testing some upcoming drum synths (all 301 of course).
the kick is the usual sinewave with envelopes on vca and pitch, random feedback amount and a deadband filter used as distortion, i really like how it destroys the signal!

impact is a clap\snare machine i’m happy with. the sound source is a weighted coin toss bespoke unit by @Joe, triggered by a fast sine osc, it creates a very nice digital noise i can craft with both sine freq and weight parameter! it sounds a lot like a linear feedback shift register! the sound is then shaped by a vca controlled by two different control sources:
1)carousel clock divider clocked by another sine oscillator, with rotation, very nice for random “hands” number, with envelope follower opening a vca to shape the shaper control signal (ouph!). this controls the transient
2)classic adsr (sustain=0) delayed by about 10 or 15 ms. this controls the tail.

i really like how impact sounds! i’m focusing more and more into crafting custom claps snares, because it’s the percussive sound i usually struggle more to find (or build).

then mad hatter is high hat. again, weighted coin toss as sound source (with different settings) but with simpler vca control.
feedback welcome!


Sounds great @hyena! Hopefully we’ll be getting a share on impact and mad hatter once you’re done. :wink:


i’m waiting for custom unit controls to be back, as of now they aren’t even encapsulated in custom units, just mixer channels with stuff :smiley: but i’ll close them for sure, this time without gate recorder\looper, just drum synths with custom controls :wink:


Sounds very cool and a great idea synthesising drums sounds internally.


i added MI Frames to my rig, this thing is so useful with modules in general but pairs fantastically with the 301! here it is modulated by maths in cycle and chooses which of 4 clocked sample players it will send a gate sequence to, hence mixing up 4 different chopped breakbeats:


Nice track! Thanks for the Frames inspiration here. I’m so often guilty of just using that module as a simple offset controller, which is like 1/100th of its capability.


i’m about to study some ways to use it as a macro controller for structure in live performance. also using the frame step trigger out to synchronize actions when keyframes are reached. that’s the highest use of this module i can think of


Here’s a recent thing I made. As with all of my patches lately the 301 is doing the heavy lifting. Pretty much all the percussion and bell sounds are coming from I think 5 vari speed players being triggered by the clocked random gate at different multiplications. Rings is being effected by the doppler delay and some filtering.

Been using global chains way more lately and I love using each of the channels for different sends. Right now channel one and two are going to Clouds and Springray respectively, and three/four are acting as my main stereo out.