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Share your ER-301 Music



this is incredibly lovely!


oof. so many beautiful things in here.

still super early days learning the 301 (going through all the @NeilParfitt vidjas right now THANK YOU SUH), the last melodic bit here is a 301 sine wave osc with a bit of modulation into it then a FreeVerb -


murp. and not really music yet, just trying to build a 4 triangle osc patch to use with the Tetrapad in Chord Mode. the height of each pad is controlling the Freeverb room size and the LPF frequency.


You are fishing for compliments…
To my ears this is pretty much music!


lol. i mean. i DO like how it turned out, and could be a neat thing to build off of?

but just meant it was more a programming/learning the ER-301 experiment. i’m sure it’s been done a billion times, but doing a four voice osc was neat while still having all the modular control over the bits.



Made a couple live looping videos in which an er-301 is used for looping, with finger pressure effecting delay and reverb parameters after the looper. The other 301 is playing drum samples (pressure is doing stuff to the drums as well).


Some silly rubber-ish techno, used the 301 for effects and summing before going to the korgasmatron filter, plonk as “lead” and Toms of Finland does the drum parts. sequenced by the Squarp pyramid.


hello all,

been thinking on this weird performance patch a while, and tonight i made it with the 301, voltage block, varigate 8+, wogglebug and pamela’s new.
bacially, you have two buffers, AA and BB. each 12 seconds long. AA gets stepped out of woggle deciding when to punch in and out of the buffer. clock out of woggle into pam, pam divides that by 8 and uses that as our reset. burst out woggle into BB’s punch in/out. AA & BB share the same reset. a kick and rimshot from er301 are played with varigate 8+ and voltage block turns up and down AA and BB’s volumes.
so you just kinda feed it something (korg minilogue in this case) and turn up and down wogglebug’s tempo to match. what it spits out is crazy, since pamela resets varigate 8, AA, and BB every 8 bars. essentially you have your beat/modulation loopings constantly running, but what’s dynamic is that the minilogue was literally just jamming into turn 301 and turning out good techno. anyways, here it is. hope you like it.


Hello all,

I have a new album out today. The ER-301 was one of the main tools I used to make it, especially for transposing, pitch shifting, then playing and reprocessing loops. There’s also some manual grains on the last track, ‘Reprise’. All guitar you hear originates from only 2 short recordings. Enjoy. :slight_smile: