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Share your ER-301 Music



You should! It’s a lot of fun. I have a degree in animation film if you can believe it, but that’s a long time ago and I never worked in film professionally. Glad you liked the video.


First patch with 4.0.5, no custom units, added som “noise” from a drum module triggered at audio rate (dont ask me why) and some more reverb and eq etc. in ableton. the 301 is sequnced by an korg sq-1, the patch is pretty much self driving, im just changing the gate length on the sq-1.
some clicks but thats just me not setting the envelopes right :confused:

V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard

Uploaded a longer exploration today:


almost only 301, sequenced with a Squarp pyramid. added som reverb and eq in ableton.
great combo for generativ stuff!

Oh look, another one!


I just found this one: beautiful! Would you mind sharing how you transformed this formula into the sequence?


thanks, well in the end it’s just a midi file i inserted into the er-102. i created the file with reaktor, there’s an ensemble called “ginger” which produces this sequences. however since this formula creates so called self-similar structures, i ended up dividing the sequences into parts and rearranged them manually on the er-101/102 and it still works quite well. now that you brought this up again i think it is worth a try to load this into a pd patch and then into a pd- able ensemble…


Almost all the sounds are passing through a triple looper patch on the 301 with some delay added. There’s also a Hyve sample on the 301 that swells in from time to time. This is a recording of an improv while rehearsing for some recent shows and is recorded straight to stereo with some EQ and compression added after. This is one of a number of these recordings and there is a theme throughout (and more to come) - I’d like to get the time to collate them into a larger release.


Straight from the 301 sd-card nothing added, accept the video :slight_smile:
Sine oscillators and fold. No samples.
All sequencing done internally in the 301.

the same patch, witch some edits, this time i did some post editing in ableton


Luvely!care to share some infos about how you sequenced it? I really like the orchestration!


Not made with the ER-301 (will arrive in a few weeks) but with his older brothers … I also created the video.


Sounds great! Well done. I’m also curious how you sequenced this inside the ER-301 though? Seems more intentional than the usual quantized random CV :slight_smile:


Absolutely loving this! Very cinematic in sound and vision.
Did you multitrack your modular?


Hi Elias! thanks a lot!

My aproach to the modular system is like when I play violin: live perform. Sometimes I record something and then I use part of it for the main track, but usually all the things are done in one take and live. Oneof my favourite modules for live perform is the Tetrapad. As you have in each row both height and pressure you can do crazy things with lots of dynamics …

Once I heard a marterclass from Mr Brian Eno and he encouraged his students to do their compositions as fast as possible, not to loose the initial energy …


Here is my new video. A personal homage to the Berlin of the late 20s with a lot of ER-301 (4 Granular Mashines, 3 Sample Mashine, Effects, Mixing).
Please take time to listen:-)


@Bparticle @hyena

well its just the usual quantized random CV and modulated clock dividers… no sorry, i ment “tap tempos” :slight_smile:

but there is a lot of cross modulation between the different voices, and mixer channels to mix different cvs together, making the pitches and modulation depend on what pitch etc. the other voices are playing.

In the first song, recorded quite a longe sample with the 6 track, manually adjusting volumes of the different parts as i recorded, then cut out the best two parts, added fx and resampled again with the 6track as i manually crossfaded to the seconds sample as the first one was coming to an end. trying to keep everything “in the box”

In the second song i added most of the fx in ableton, and duplicated the track and pitched it down. but it is in its essence just a long sample from the 301, no cutting or such, just added fx and a bass harmony

I’m quite pleased with the results!
But i must say, it sounds more organized and intentional then it actually is!

(a bit bummed the videos lagged tough, but what did i expect trying to do realtime rendering on a 2012 macbook…)


Haha, very cool. But you’re right, if you patch smart it sounds like you actually wrote some brilliant harmonies and in a way you did.




Just saw this today. Wow! Utterly amazing.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Beautiful as usual – both musically and visually.

You are 1 of 2 people on YouTube who got me thinking seriously about getting my own ER-301 (S/N K-723), the other being @rbeny. Once I was inspired by the two of you I watched a lot of @NeilParfitt videos (over and over :slightly_smiling_face:) to see if the interface was something I would enjoy creating with, and it is.

For everyone else, I think checking out elinch’s modular videos on his channel is a good way to spend some time…