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Share your ER-301 Music



This is from my 6u, most of this patch is from the 301.


Nice work @minus_es !


Very nice, thx for sharing. What do you use for sequencing - would love some info on what we’re hearing if its not too much trouble?


Really enjoyed this track a lot :)))


Here’s a picture of my current rig.


Thank you


remixed the “301 ensamble #2” inside the 301, pitch shifting and layering the whole song :wink:

Another, a bit darker thing, the drums are synthesized in the 301, and processed in ableton.


Manual grains used on a couple seconds of recorded speach all over the track and different delay times on left and right for stereo space.


Sounds good are most of those sounds samples or synthesized on the 301?


Sampled - kick, hats / percussion, texture / atmosphere, and 1 sampler instrument.

Synthesized in 301 - snare, melody at start, sub, bass part.

All the audio is being summed in mixers then fed into 301 for processing too.


Not sure if I mentioned it before here, but I released an album earlier this year. There are significant portions of it which are eurorack-based. The ER-301 figured prominently on this track, where it is playing the guitar samples, forward and backwards controlled by Planar.

The sample is from Jesus, My All, to Heaven Is Gone (trad.) performed by Travis Stimeling & Matt Meacham on the album Mountain Clay & Prairie Sod, used by permission.

ETA: Just to say that I guess the vocal doesn’t make a lot of sense without the context that this is part of a concept album/podcast about ecology, E.O. Wilson’s Half the Earth proposal, and mountaintop removal in Appalachia. Click through to the album text for all the deets.


I don’t know about that! I think the track stands well alone, even without context of album text. :smiley:


Would you mind sharing more details about the melody at start? Love that sound. Thanks!


Its two copies of the same synth on channels 1 + 2.
Saw wave into a lpf & vca with the same adsr controlling both. (slightly different bias settings)
Maths is fed the clock but is also cycling and that is providing the lfo which i am manually changing the speed of. also slightly altering speed of main clock.
Both channels have cross modulation from each other on the v/oct.
they then go out into the DTM mixer and are being heavily driven.
before the mixer one is being multed into pico dsp on reverb. after the mixer it’s being multed into clouds. it’s all being summed back into the 301 and sent out with everything else on channels 3 & 4 into the WMD MSCL.

there is also the wogglebug smooth random going to pretty much everything.


Thanks, I was wondering what you used for distortion and why it sounds so vibrant, so now I know. :slight_smile:


Here’ are a few short clips from my Tokyo Festival of Modular performance - the second and third clips use er301


ER-301 came in yesterday, and today’s task was to start exploring sampling. Here’s my first recording so far, straight from the 6-track recorder:

The only problem so far is distraction – I have Neil’s videos queued up, but I keep pausing them to zone out on whatever’s happening with the synth :slight_smile:


welcome to the cult!
you have an awesome journey in front of you :wink:


here’s my liveset from the Tokyo Festival of Modular 2018 - this is recorded straight from the desk, no edits or post production

and this is the patch and setup I used


RAD!!! Why the teletype? I am having a hard time understanding that module, seems extra difficult to sequence with. Your music sounds great, I love that minimal setup!