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Tidy patching @mudlogger! How do you get on with the Retro Mechanical Labs pedal? I was moments from a “buy” button press 12 months or so ago but held off for some reason (I think I couldn’t stomach yet another power brick) but loved the sound.


@mpiecora Teletype is used as grid ops and controlled + sequenced directly from the grid. So more sequencers and sequences saved as presets - perfect for live. I look at Teletype the same way I look at Ansible - another sequencer with song presets. I have different songs saved per preset on Teletype and Ansible Kria and Earthsea - some hooked up to Just Friends as an oscillator and some hooked upto the oscillators on the er301. I physically play the Teletype scripts with the grid, so I can improvise with them. I can play an Ansible song, flick a switch connecting to Teletype and play a Teletype song. Ansible is tied upto Mangrove oscillators whilst Teletype is tied to Just Friends oscillators and er301 oscillators. The same Just Friends is switched for envelopes/Ansible songs and audio/Teletype songs. Then I have Earthsea songs connected directly to the er301. What I’ve learned to do is space out all my songs between the different sequencers modules so I am not relying on 1 single module if something goes wrong. I learned the hard way by relying too much on everything being generated by Ansible - 2 days before a gig, Ansible broke and wiped all my sequences. Now I have backups of every module - Earthsea, Ansible, Teletype and er301. I have enough material to do a gig with any one of these modules if something breaks. I even have a dozen completely self generating patches for the er301 just in case everything breaks! I record my albums with the exact same setup in that photo, so what you hear live is very very close to what you will hear on an album.

@sixnon the RML is used as a compressor and warming up the signal and for gain staging the pedals - I don’t turn the fuzz side up very high - so it’s more as a boost/glue but it’s also got a valvely / tube, woolly sound when turned up with the distortion low. Without it, you can really tell the difference, everything sounds kind of thin and not glued. For me it’s just secret sauce that makes everything sound better. For power bricks I ended up buying a voodoo labs 4x4 that powers all the pedals including both Eventides. It was 220v for Thailand. For Japan the Voodoo Labs was not switchable so I had to use 1 x powerall for 3 pedals and + 2 Eventides 110v power, + mixer + modular - so I took a 5 socket thing that had me covered. When back in Thailand with 220v I only need 3 sockets for power - modular, mixer, pedals. With the Eventides - 1 is Max, 1 is Core, so in effect both are Max algorithms. One Eventide I use for reverb and has all the Space algorithms - mostly Blackhole and Dynaverb. The other one is for mostly Pitchfactor ones - Dianto pitchshifting, and Crystals and also Multi tap delay - clocked by the modular. I switch presets on both Eventides depending on the tune I’m playing. The Eventides are a no brainier, for the size and sound and cv’able. I didn’t realise how good they were from playing at home. It’s not until I started using them on a good club sound systems, in a decent sized room, and the sounds starts spinning around the room between speakers, then you realise it’s money well spent. I actually watched Suzanne Ciani play the day before, and she was also using double H9’s for her quad performance - it sounded fantastic.


First steps with the teletype !

No patch track 00


Hell yeah !


@chapelierfou merci ! :wink:


Dude, that was an awesomely thorough response, thank you! I do my sequencing on a deluge hooked up to mutant brain for cv/gate. I am super intrigued by all the monome devices, they are really unique and attractive pieces of gear. I imagine them being very inspiring when writing a new song.


Thanks for that detailed response @mudlogger really helpful to hear details. Appreciated. Sounds a bit like the suggested use case for Elektron’s Analog Heat. Thanks for the Voodoo Labs tip, I must research this kind of thing as my number of power bricks makes for a cabling rats nest!


cheers - for me, monome gear is all about the interesting and unusual sequencers that you can manipulate live, on the fly and control directly with the Arc and Grid. Everything is lit up - so great for live. The main thing is you can jump into a sequence and change stuff as it is running, so you can improvise. I am using 6 different sequencer types with the Arc and Grid in that setup that gives me alot of variation for a small system , but with Teletype i have access to many more.


This is so excellent! Sorry I missed hearing it in the here and now.

Don’t know why I didn’t reciprocate your Soundcloud follow until now. Rectified.


Thanks so much for the in depth explanation!

Years ago I used to have Grid and Arc, but back then I only worked in the box (DAW) and the whole setup was quite complicated. Not that I’m into modular I’m on the fence of re-bying a Grid. I’d love to hear your opinion what would give me the best flexibility: Teletype or Ansible? Do both support I2c communication to the ER-301? I’m not interested in coding on Teletype (yet), but if this is the most flexible sequencing hub for the grid I’d consider it. (I also have Just Friends, ER-101/102 and ER-301).
Any advice would be very appreciated!


I’m sure mlogger and the people responsible will chime in but I think this thread might be of interest on the ansible side:

Will require an i2c backpack of some sort for multiple modules.

I have both and would say they are both great. TT is more intuitive than i first thought.


Ok, one more, then I’ll chill out – I’m just having too much fun!

Major props to @NeilParfitt and @Joe for the terrific educational content that helped me find my footing extremely quickly. The UX itself is pretty dang helpful/delightful too :wink:


Hi, I’ll pm you as i don’t want to hijack an er301 thread with lots of monome talk


great and inspiring stuff as usual mr mudlogger :slight_smile:


Wish it were longer…much more so

Going to take a gander at your bc.
Like what I’m listening to. Any more out there?


So nice this. Lovely textures and sounds, like a film score that doesn’t need the image :slight_smile:


Thanks @zengomi @Bparticle! I don’t have too much up on Bandcamp, but I’ve been meaning to work on a longer release. Hopefully sometime in the new year…


Travis Stimeling from WVU?



Yes. A friend from my time in NC. A sensitive and perceptive scholar and a great musician.