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Share your ER-301 Music



Small world, he’s my wife’s mentor in graduate school :slight_smile:


Which prompts a revisiting of the album, which I must say is excellent!! Great work @jj.kidder


I have learned a lot about music from Travis. I think he’s forgotten more than I will ever know.

@sixnon Glad you enjoyed! It makes me happy to know it is tickling eardrums.




here the 301 is just providing drums (sequenced by kria).
the rest is mainly mangrove, dpo and donut 2 sequenced by rené + ornament & crime.
effects section is all strymon: magneto and big sky.


New track with teletype and 301!
I No patch track 01


Hello friends.

I’ve been enjoying scala support (added ages ago, I know). Pitching recorded loops up and down by 4ths and 5ths is great for finding new melodic and harmonic ideas. I’m using a single slider on the Malekko Voltage Block to pitch samples up and down, but also to change playback direction. The idea here was to mimic the functionality of the Phonogene’s vari-speed control. Very happy with the results. Here are two examples of what I’ve been doing with it.

This one’s a longer improvisation. I recorded guitar into a pedal looper and loaded that buffer into a manual loops unit and pitched it around.



When I saw the poster image for the instagram piece I thought you had some kind of music box which outputs CV and were using that to control the ER-301!!


hmm, that gives me some ideas :thinking:


I really enjoyed those videos, @salvatorecordova. Question, that ‘rainmaker’ in the YouTube video (not the module), did you design it? I’m making something similar but I think yours is a great concept. Looks like a simple laser cut project. Is there something inside that makes the particles ‘trickle’ like that?


A friend of mine makes that rainmaker. It’s laser cut and filled with little beads. Nails are fixed on the inside and the beads bounce off them to make that trickle sound. There’s a panel that opens up so you can replace the stuff that’s inside to give it a different timbre. It sounds lovely and looks great on display :grin:


i released this track in june. if one asks how does the er-301 sound in terms of internal oscillators i usually link this track. this is done entirely in the 301 with just a touch of reverb from oliverb.
here’s the patch description:
two sine oscillators phase modulating each other.
a quadrature lfo exponentially modulating f of both oscillators with inverted phase, and amplitude of both oscillators again with inverted phase (amp mod is 45° out of phase vs phase mod for each oscillator)
some extra low pass filtering, delay and reverb.
all done inside the er-301 with just a touch of reverb from oliverb.
inspired by reading stephen hawking.


released June 12, 2018
concept, performing, recording, mixing and mastering by Giona Vinti


some rights reserved


A minimal piece of music to the winter, we had short snow. please pay attention to the listening volume, the piece started very quietly.
Have a nice Christmas holiday and a great new year!!!


Awesome. Very much enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it here.


thank you for taking the time to listen :slight_smile:
i must add i forgot to mention a little of clouds to add some grainy high pitched content here and there…




I also listened to some of your other tracks on Bandcamp and was very impressed with your robust aesthetic and well-considered techniques. Going back for more. Will purchase some (all?) when I’m reunited with my iMac (currently on a container ship somewhere between Japan and Panama).

On second thought, why wait? I can stream until downloading is possible.


thanks thanks thanks!!!
your words are of strong encouragement!
check your pm’s :wink:


if anyone wants to check some more, there’s plenty on my soundcloud:

and i have some releases here and there:

thanks again for checking my stuff out :slight_smile: