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In the song I just posted, I was using the Variable Speed Player unit. I just did some tests with the same setup, and changing the ‘fade’ parameter from 0ms to 5ms seems to have gotten rid of pretty much all the clicking.

I’m inclined to agree that it is caused by the sample switching from wherever it is in the sample (not necessarily at a zero crossing) to the beginning of the next triggered slice/sample. This sudden change in amplitude results in the click, I believe.


What I tried to say is that with MG’s I don’t have clicks at all against using sample players …


i see…


here i basically used MI elements, clouds, er-301 and maths in this drone piece. Towards the end i added some sherman filterbank for some intense distortion.


and now for something completly different. several processes combined with several inputs all through the 301, in and out of the machine without it even blinking

incredible piece of equipment



This is a Plaits-into-Rings drone processed by the ER-301:

Channel 1 is three Schroeder allpass filters in series in a feedback loop with my “Feedback Keeper” custom unit (inverted env follower controlling a VCA to ride the gain as needed for infinite sustain).

Channel 2 is just a granular delay in a feedback loop. 0.25 speed and just a little bit off of +2400 cents.

There’s some some cross-feedback between the two channels, and manual control over the allpasses and the granular delay time via 16n Faderbank. I’m recording the two channels as a mid/side pair into my DAW with some Valhalla Room.


this is really good. Which plaits mode did you use to get these timbres? Also, did you share the feedback keeper unit?


Thanks! Plaits was in waveshaping mode (second LED green) and Rings was in inharmonic string mode.

I haven’t shared the unit yet because it might still need some tweaks… I hope to make it as universal as possible with minimal adjustments needed, or at least expose everything at the top level.


again, something completely different (a Scotsman on a horse?)

just ER-301, E352, Mysteron and a wee bit DPO


"here’s a new piece with my er-301. based on 4 sampled sequences from verbos harmonic oscillator - sequenced by fugue machine. these are sometimes passed through with a slow lfo, or played in different speeds and playback directions. as always, please bring some time to listen.“

  1. seq /// orthogonal devices er-301 manual grains / position mod. by slow lfo (sample source verbos ho)
  2. seq /// orthogonal devices er-301 raw player (sample source verbos ho)
  3. seq /// orthogonal devices er-301 raw player / pitch x2 (sample source verbos ho)
  4. bass seq /// orthogonal devices er-301 raw player / half pitch, reverse (sample source verbos ho)
  5. pad /// orthogonal devices er-301 manual grains / position mod. manually (sample source verbos ho)
  6. oriental slices /// make noise morphagene 01
  7. choir slices /// make noise morphagene 02
  8. effect /// verbos harmonic oscillator

recorded live with tascam dr 100. no audio processing.
for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.


That’s a good film clip as well. Adds another vibe to that harmonic which is deep. Very well done


Very good