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Cheers :slight_smile:

Mostly it’s just The Bateleur repeating a 15 note sequence with a modifier on certain steps over a 4/4 beat; this, along with timbral modulations is what makes it sound like it’s never quite the same. The random hits are samples triggered by a Zorlon Cannon running really slow, free, modulated and reseeded every now and then - they sound like a pattern, they kind of are, but not really - my brain loves this kind of teasing. Pamela handles the regular timing! Lots of noise from various sources all the way through - I really like noise hehe. The vocal sample towards the end is one of my favourite ever (it has been used before) brought to life with the lovely pitch shifting and delays in the ER-301 - nothing complex at all, just carefully chosen settings. The whole thing saturated and distorted slightly for a bit of tape feel.

There’s quite a bit more going on, but I wouldn’t want to give everything away now would I :heart_eyes_cat:


By the way, the sample is from THX-1138, classic sci-fi well worth a watch if you’ve never seen it. It has been used before in the Reload album ‘A Collection of Short Stories’ - A bloody brilliant album that still stands the test of time to this day - 24 years later! It’s worth getting hold of an original copy if possible and reading through the liner notes, the story behind it is very good too - fits the music perfectly!

A true classic (perhaps even the very pinnacle of electronic music? it’s certainly right up there with the very, very best) that should be in every music lovers collection :slight_smile:

p.s. I am so happy, I just found the Autoreload EP remixes on Youtube - I lost my copy years ago and haven’t heard this for a loooooong time - so good!!


This evenings jam - a moment of happy nostalgia





Apparently I’m compelled toward harsh timbres and extreme gestures when using the ER-301 - the sampling power and modulation potential are incredible


Using frames to attenuate 4 parameters of the granular unit


sorry if it’s annoying posting instagram videos, but i just installed the 301 tonight, and here’s what happened!




Generative Patch using the ER-301 and Eloquencer… Nothing special but the combination works very well…



my envelope following critter and guitari fun!


Nice light show too. :wink:


Awesome, what’s in the buffer?


if you’re talking to me, the buffer is a chopped up loop of a similar pocket piano sample as i’m playing, but pitched down.


ER-301 meets Tyme Sefari - loads of fun!!!


Cool. :smiley_cat:

What’s the green controller you’re playing? Some kind of DIY?



Many textural nuances were killed in the making of this recording. :slight_smile: - 301, Morphagene, and Clouds on microsound duties.


yup like joe said it’s a pocket piano. it’s a cool synth. very fun and immediate. no saving. just great stuff.


SP1200 samples from Elektron in the ER-301 for some silly techno garble


Sounds good. You actually have a 1200 lying about?