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Share your ER-301 Music

Unusual! Clever. Like all the infectious grooves :+1:

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Recorded a video synth thing today, and all the sound in it turned out to come from the er-301, so why not post it in here?

Another video synth thing with lots of er 301 in it. More of a track than just a loop, this one.


Hmm, I thought vimeo videos would be embedded, but no cigar.

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Another 301-heavy track.


Something slightly funky (er-301 on drums, harmony and bass):


very nice! how are you using drums with your er-301 exactly?

this is a reallly old patch but maybe you can give a more in depth explanation on how you managed to get that out of your mangrove? the fragmentation and more noisy elements in your music is compelling, especially in contrast to the more so eased over ambient aesthetic (which i also like) but is far more abundant

Ohhh, hmmm, well. It mostly sample based, so…

  1. I like to load a bunch of samples and switch randomly between them.
  2. I like to generate a lot of similar samples with csound and throw them in the 301.
  3. I like to put randomly modulated super short delay after a sampler.
  4. I like to put a vca after a sample player and modulate it with stepped random to get slight variations in level.
  5. I like to put a cheap hi pass filter after drums, to lighten up to low end.
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Hello - its a bit tricky to get an in-depth explanation from a 2 year old patch. But i will try :slight_smile:
I can’t even remember what i had for dinner last week! :slight_smile:

Here’s what i wrote previously.

“Its just heavy audio rate modulation - its 1 x Mannequins Mangrove Oscillator modulated by Just Friends, sequenced by a Monome Grid and Monome Ansible using Meadowphysics, no samples used. Pink noise is filtered with Mannequins Three Sisters providing a random clock. This also uses ER301 new convolution reverb.”

So scratching my head and watching the video again, its based around a very fast audio rate clock, clocking meadowphysics ansible sequencer… The clock is generated from pink noise. The pink noise on its own sent to the clock doesn’t work unless its filtered. So its sent to 3 sisters first. Adjusting the filter adjusts the random clocking speed of the sequencer, so you get the jerky movement. The triggers from Meadowphysics triggers Just Friends and the cv sent to the Mangrove. Just Friends is running at audio rate and that modulates all the inputs on Mangrove. So its audio rate modulation of the Air in VCA and FM on the mangrove, but i just put all the outs to all the ins on the Mangrove and played around with sound to get a feel. So everything is running at audio rate, even the sequencer.

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@mudlogger ahhh yes modulating things at audio rate can get you some interesting results. wouldn’t have guessed about putting the pink noise through a filter beforehand then into mp - also the adjustments for more randomized speeds makes a lot of sense and seems really valuable. thanks for going back and explaining things for me i appreciate it!

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Recorded a five part audio visual patch the other day, lots of ER-301 in it, doing both drums, chords and some weird granular things. The brilliant Erogenous Tones Structure doing visuals.


Generative melody (teletype), a bit of key change and a celebration of my three newly calibrated doepfer a110s:

sequenced from teletype
first track with 12 scripts firmware

bd: two samples played by the er-301, one is generated with csound
sd: generated with csound, played by the er-301
hh: white noise through threeler bandpass filter, modulated by mfb
dual lfo
fm-perc: samdom selection between 100 samples generated with csound
noisy perc: 2opfm triggered by random output of a-118 and’ed with an
output from trigger riot
slightly melodic noise perc: doepfer pll driven by the osc doing
random bleeps, and then filtered through wasp bandpass

bass: a110 triangle though dplpg
bleep melody: a110 triangle through 2lpg
random bleeps: a110 triangle through 2lpg, opened by a channel of
quadra with decay modulated
chords: er-301

generative melody: product

solo lead: pico vco (sing) folded with chopping kinky

chouds + rainmaker + pico dsp (modulated delay) randomly send stuff
via ssm


Something I recorded today. It is probably roughly equal parts ER-301 & Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus.



Nice! Some lovely textures in there. :slight_smile:

Here’s one I made last night. Got the Five12 Vector sequencer, so first track made using that, featuring the ER-301 on some of the drums.


Hello, a little video where ER-301 is the main sound source + effects ! Thanks to this community and @scttcmpbll for his awesome units available here !


I’ve made a short video on the mini case I put together for the holiday break :

A little talking and a little jam as well :


Ok, new fan. Just amazing.

mate i like this one but the volume is really too low!

Ok @hyena, next one will be better🥁

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yep, crank it up!!! <3

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