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Noooooo, just a sample pack made by Elektron :smiley:


Okay, so I got the module. Wow.

I’ve been just creating and tearing down different chains, to get a feel for using the module. This track; just put something together and wanted to test the track recorders. I’ll make something better in the future :slight_smile:

The main atmosphere is some shakuhachi, run through Manual Grains and Clouds.
The melody is a single cycle waveform.
Drums are a chopped modern funk loop, filtered through an Epoch Twinpeak filter.

It came out weird. But, I’m pretty astounded by the breadth of this module. I really really want to be methodical about creating presets and templates for use…



I total get why you would want to do this, and don;t want to discourage you at all, just don’t forget the ER-301 is still in heavy development. Personally I am treating it much more as an ad hoc experimental playground and not making any serious efforts in this regard until it is at least officially released and out of beta!


That’s actually a great point. It was just an a-ha moment for me - i thought things are a bit fiddly (need random fluctuation of filter freq? Add white noise, s/h with sine triggering it, and an envelope follower) until I realized the 301 has great systems already in place to alleviate the repetitive ‘patching’.

Plus, of course, you don’t need to do everything in the box - I have random in my other modules. And this is about the point where I finally realized the possibilities are pretty astounding :slight_smile:


He arrived. My ER-301 with his new friends.


That was really awesome! :smiley:


King Cake Dub

ER-301 is playing organ, guitar, triplet-hat, percussion fill, triggered by G8 clock divider.

Delays and reverbs provided by E-580, Owl modular, and my mixer.


Really, really enjoying your channel. Lush and beautiful sounds! :smile::+1:


Really liked this, Mr. Kidder!


kinda starting to get somewhere.


Fun! Reminds me of some of the more playful u-ziq melodies!


Kinda reminiscent of DJ Vadim too!


thanks for listening!


short instgram jam with acoustic guitar into manual grain goodness :astonished:


It’s on my list to plug a guitar into the 301 and see what can happen. You’re getting some cool sounds there with the grains!


I can’t get away from wanting to make sound masses with the 301. Not a bad thing, just a thing. :slight_smile:


ER-301 lending a helping hand to Elements


experimental ambient. live performance for modular synthesizer and effects.

featuring monome modules and instruments, with the ER-301 generating all sounds, including a custom unit that @rbeny and i have been working on which creates the vinyl-like crackles. detailed patch notes on the video page.


Very nice!!

Also really great to hear of more collaborations - this is the spirit!!


Really beautiful. Love the crackles tip on the description thanks for that. Im going to try that out.