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Share your ER-301 Music



i’ve been using the 301 to be my sample chopper like everyone else, but using the qubit triger and voltage block and varigate 8. makenoise rene too i guess…


Two sample player voices share a bank of eight orchestral samples. A S&H provides an opportunity to select a new sample for each note event.


More timbral/sound mass variations, teaming up w morphagene and clouds


Recording of a practice run of my live techno set I’ll be playing at this year Leeds Modular Meet 2017 in the UK this coming weekend.

The top ER101/102 is handling the drum sequencing and the bottom ER101/102 is sequencing the top ER301 & noise Engineering Basimilus & Loquelic voices.

The top ER301 is handling the majority of the soundscapes - I’m currently using a mixture of the Sample player and Manual Grains to repurpose existing modular material I’ve recorded over the years to fit them into the set. My plan is to tweak and refine over time the sound of these but for now they suffice to get me through my next live performance :smile_cat:

The second ER301 is being used as a send FX with the aux 1 from my mixer being sent through channels 1&2 and tapping off a clocked delay from channels 3&4, via aux2, before going into the Z-DSP Halls of Valhalla - once the crossfade unit is available I plan to expand what this Send FX system can do with more interesting FX processing, the same goes for when the feedback unit is available.

I still have a lot of ideas to implement on both the ER101/102 sequencing and ER301 side of things to get this system really where I’d like it to be but small steps…!

Anyway - Enjoy!


Very good @vcoadsr

Definitely seems more evolved than the last one you posted! I still like those clangy noises :smiley:

O|D are changing the face of Eurorack - what % of your rack is O|D? (or O|D hp / total hp)


Nice one @vcoadsr I’m going to a sheep dog training course that same weekend out here in the Antipodes (so our worlds a fair way apart!) but really appreciated that set, and your command of the instrument. I hope the punters appreciate your show. Best of luck.


The only way I thought I could really show appreciation for your efforts was to go to your Bandcamp page and buy everything in order to help offset some small amount of your O|D habit. Even bought the cassette so after the Landscape.FM HC-TT comes out again and I get my hands on it I’ll be feeding that in my ER-301 for some granular mangling :slight_smile:


@kel Thanks for the feedback! In the last month or so really feeling I’m making some strides but still lots to do :slight_smile: :+1:

Calculated that 40% of my live rig (the one I use the most) is O|Ds … not that I’m going for a record :slight_smile:

@sixnon thanks!! I’m hoping I can do it justice on Saturday - fortunately I’ve played at the venue before and it’s a fantastic soundsystem so looking forward to hearing it on a big system! :+1:

@TimefireVR WOW!!! Many many thanks!! Wasn’t at all expecting that response! Hope you enjoy the tunes & the tape once it gets to you! Really appreciate the support :raised_hands: :+1:


A little snippet of audio from an epic live jam session on Friday evening with my oldest synth buddy, Lee, he’s playing the Novation KS - proper good little synth that, everything else is modular and of course ER-301!

There’s about another 5 hours of recordings to go through, but not sure I can be bothered :smiley:


Just another generative patch. All sounds (except drums) from the ER-301!
Hope you like it…


some spare time here…
Another generative patch - ER-301 heavily in use!!!


Really liking everything that is being shared here - thank you all for making the effort :slight_smile:



I’m a pretty private person on the internet, but here goes:

I performed some music yesterday for a live stream for Powwow, a pretty cool streaming channel focused on modular music. The 301 is heavily in the mix, both as a few different oscillators w/ FX and with some sample action. I’m just starting out with live performances, so a lot to learn but I really enjoyed performing! Music starts around 8:10, and the people that come after my set just rocked, such talented guys.

EDIT: The 301 is pretty well-hidden in a rat’s nest of cables. I need to get rid of the braided Mutable cables…


Are you the first one? It seems the line up in the video description doesn’t follow the order of the performance?


Yeah, I’m the first one. And you are right, the order is:
Curve Quartet
Seppo Louhimies


Latest track with ER-301 and Akemie’s Taiko!


Very nice.


PAM clocking Sapél running Quantimator tuning 3 sines on 301 (+ 4th vox BLD)…


I have a lot of listening to catch up on, here. In the meantime, here’s a little noodle that came out while I was exploring the Fold unit. Just one sequence sent to a couple different tracks, with different oscillators folding around themselves. The Fold unit makes amplitude modulation fun!


Dunno if it is on topic but @DivKid has just posted a video where @vcoadsr does a rig rundown, with 2 ER 301 and 2 101-102. Here it is:

And here is his performance: