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Share your ER-301 Music



I heard this was really good… going to give it a listen in a bit, but yeah, this is the perfect place to post these!

Thanks @phonk :slight_smile:


@phonk thanks for posting these videos!! For what it’s worth this was my best performance to date after playing live with my modular for approx. 2.5 years IMHO.



2 more here


awesome stuff, @mudlogger. Salivating towards the 20 of october (when my ER301 gets shipped)


hey thanks for the kind words. You won’t regret the er301.


Awesome! I really like this.



Hehehhe. Nice tunes - amusing video :slight_smile: That’s a nice sassy sounding kit you’ve got. Thanks for sharing!


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bass part: just friends + make noise function & some random voltages from the sapel
percussion: er301 with the clipping track “get.it” sliced. the slices are being selected via s+h out of the sapel
everything sequenced using anisible with kria



I really love the stuttery, frozen-buffer-y sounds in this!


thanks, im not using any freeze effects, its just heavy audio rate modulation - its 1 x Mannequins Mangrove Oscillator modulated by Just Friends, sequenced by a Monome Grid and Monome Ansible using Meadowphysics, no samples used. Pink noise is filtered with Mannequins Three Sisters providing a random clock. This also uses ER301 new convolution reverb.


this is showing the latest Teletype beta firmware with Monome grid integration. This is a ping pong script sequencer running from Teletype, triggering and CVing random slices on the er301


Recent live performance featuring the 301 on beats and 101/102 on various sequencer duties.


Very nice - thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Where did you do this?


A little open mic electronic night in Sheffield. Hopefully there will be more to come!


Oh cool - I think those kinds of nights are the perfect place to perform this kind of thing :slight_smile:


Lovely live set @iPassenger!