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Share your ER-301 Music



Thanks :slight_smile:


here’s a lil thing i did tonight in the 301 with drums.
hope you like!


Haven’t had that much time to play recently, but here’s a little 101/2/301ditty:

Here’s the original wav (35Mb) before SC abuse :wink:

Original file on Dropbox


Another live jam selection, as is our way there was zero preparation, and zero verbal or visual communication - this is just us feeling the vibe, slight edits to make it make sense as a standalone piece :slight_smile:


Suffers from “TooShortism” - you fix that and I’d be solid with it.


Hehe cheers - yeah I know what you mean, but unlikely to ever happen, everything I do is all of the moment, never to be repeated live nonsense. I could probably sit there and work it all out and get a reasonable facsimile, but honestly, that has to be my worst idea of how to make music. It either happens or it doesn’t; every time I go to fix stuff in a DAW I seem to have this incredible ability to strip all the soul from it, I just gave up trying years ago and focussed on being able to make things sound right from the very source.



Working with longer forms is a weakness I’m starting to address. Most of my time with modular is spent finding “moments” or “areas” that I end up documenting and posting to the web, but some recent conversations have me thinking about developing patches as sets of distinct materials that can be brought in and out at will. Conceptually this sits well with my desire to bridge composed structures and improvisation. Not the best take of the day, and I even get a little lost somewhere in there :blush:, but here is a longer form video that uses three subpatches//distinct collections of material. It gets noisy!


pretty cool this!


A little clip from today. ER-301 is providing all of the mixing and FX as well as the FM bass.


I think this is great :smiley:

…not least because @Joe told me it is his first 100% modular recording - how cool is that!!

May it be the first of many!!



Joe, what is the sound source of everything else? Sounds great! Really controlled and coherent melody!



Thanks! I forgot - the drums are also ER-301 (samples in a native player).

The plucked string sound is Rings in “green” mode. And the airy pad/lead is a Shapeshifter. One of it’s wavetables is the carrier, being vocoded (within the Shapeshifter) by an incoming audio modulator from a Radio Music to give some additional character.


Not sure that @vcoadsr used the ER-301 in this piece though I’d bet $4 there’s a lot of ER-101 on it. It’s an amazing piece of live modular jamming if you are into the dance side of electronic music. The dude had it dialed in tight on the night of this performance!!! Salute.



@Unity2k thanks for posting this - you beat me too it :smiley_cat: & thanks for the kind words :+1:

Yeah, loads of Orthogonal action (two pairs of ER101/102s & two ER301s) :grin:

This gig was the longest set I’ve played to date & IMHO best performance yet, playing in a dark room at 1am definitely suits the type of music I’m making currently :sunglasses:


here is my new video with three granular random sequences.



Love it! What’s the Lamda doing? Self-Oscilating?


hello neil
Yes, lamda makes the percussive sound at the end.


The er-301 is now the heart of my live setup. I use it for:
Chords, Arps, sample mangling, sample playback… I love it!

Here’s a gig a played last week, with a large proportion of things coming from the 301



Also thought it about time I made some music rather than just learning things or messing about trying to make things work (or just out and out breaking them!)

This one is 100% ER-301 sound … enjoy :slight_smile: