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Share your ER-301 Music



Here is Live recording for my and my girlfriends trip to Nuoramoinen, Finland.
I really love this module, really powerful in all possible ways and at the moment it works as hearth of my case. In this video i worked with wonderful combo of ER-301, ornament & crime and 4MS rotating clock divider.


lil video i made today using er301 and a varigate 8. echos and verbs by makenoise.


Nice! The visuals pair nicely with the music. Like the beat quite a bit.

I tried setting some video to my music. Turned out to be a fun exercise :slight_smile: the 301 is doing break duties. The new Springray 2 features on the low bassy melody, liking it a lot!


thanks!!! appreciate it, just messin with some gene hackman clips haha.
i also just made this rainy day type song:


I just found this on my youtube from February! eoooons ago!


Really enjoyed this, wow.


No new music for over a week? :crazy_face:

That just won’t do… here’s another 100% ER-301 sound production, assisted by Pam’s New Workout, Eloquencer, Wogglebug and the Natural Gate, erm… that’s all!

There’s synthesis in this patch, not just samples… something wicked invading your ER-301’s soon :space_invader:


Just ordered my Natural Gate today! Might end up with a few of them if the first one works out as well as I’m thinking it might!


It’s absolutely bloody brilliant @giftculture!! I love Rabid Elephants stuff; pure class, so this was an insta-buy for me, really got to reign in my spending, but this was an absolute must have - not many modules meet these standards, in fact I’d say only O|D and RE for me!

All sold out everywhere in less than 3 days… no more for another 3-4 months :smiley:




Sooner than I thought actually :smiley:


Hopefully I made the cutoff, we shall see!


can’t wait to try this out


in this patch i have played manually with the granular synthesis of the er-301.
intellijel triatt a controls the starting point, triatt b the length of the granular.
voltage block controls 3 er-301 mixer-chanels, filter cutoff and pitch (granular).




Good stuff :open_mouth::+1:t2:


I’m trying to wrap my head around this because it’s astounding :smiley:


I have not touched anything synth like for about two weeks because being so far out living and working in nature really freaks me out on returning to the modern electronic world, even after just one week away it takes some adjustment to re-align my mind and soul.

Anyway, I thought it about time I patched something up again, so had a little play for a couple of hours last night with the EvilTwin patch, here’s the jam, the main bassline and perc noises are all Evil Twin :slight_smile:


I like the percussion bits which sound like flying mud. Are those Rings strings?


Hehe, I helped build the patch and didn’t know it could make some of those sounds. :headphones:

Should probably get back on that bank. Nice track!