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Share your ER-301 Music



I’m afraid it’s samples I’ve done somewhere in the past and I have absolutely NO IDEA what I used to make them. :smiley:


I shall make my own.


Thanks @Joe

A low pass gate is essential for these kinds of sounds, Natural Gate featured here.

Listening back I’m getting some frequency crossover between the bass drum and the bass notes in places which kinda flattens it out. I must set up some side chain compression to get rid of these things because the frequencies are determined by randomness and well, sometimes they just clash, can’t be helped!

What's the ER-301's role in your setup?

Gahhh I was hoping I wasn’t going to love the sound of the Natural Gate :expressionless: - love it more/less/differently than an Optomix?


Well, it’s personal preference of course, but NG would be my choice :wink:

10/10 from me :slight_smile:


Not to go off topic here, but if Rabid Elephant means even half the stuff on their site, they are a compelling company, and one that has certainly gotten my attention.

And @kel you’ve put it to great effect here. As someone who has never had an Optomix (although I’m coming around to Make Noise) or any other LPG it is hard to not just want to have the Natural Gate.



If you are looking for a more controllable vactrol sound, it’s also worth checking out the pittsburgh modular lifeforms dynamic impulse filter (whew…long name!).

cc @kel and @tomk


Thanks @jonny - I have the Endorphin.es Terminal - the original one with the vactrols - such a smart design, they have a set of instructions for swapping the vactrols out and encourage rolling your own - I like it a lot!!

p.s. @2disbetter I am not a big fan of Make Noise modules. some of them are good sure, don’t want to put them down this is just my preference, but I always struggle with them a bit, exceptions are Maths, Erbe Verb and Mysteron - all excellent in fact those three together make an excellent voice! I also have the new Wogglebug, it’s great, but I probably wouldn’t be too upset if it went even though I do use it a lot. I would probably be equally happy with other random sources - I am more than happy with the results from patching stuff up in the ER-301 for example. I really disliked the DPO and the Echophon even though in theory I should have liked them a lot.

edit:sorry, I forgot to say another really excellent vactrol sound can be found in Mutable Instruments Streams - similar idea, take the response of the typical vactrol, emulate it and provide control over its behaviour - I like it a lot!


FSS P.O.C.A. is a very stripped down but lovely little bit of kit to consider for LPG option as well. 4 vactrol gates in a 6hp module (passive).


Wasn’t someone trying to construct a LPG custom unit for the 301? I would try it but I have little to compare the result to. I do have a DPLPG from MengQiMusic. No idea how that stacks up in the world of LPGs? It’s the only one I’ve ever used.


Hear good things about the MengQi but have no experience myself! Maybe do something that features it? try running Evil Twin through it, should sound great!


If someone wants to tackle an LPG here is a directory with a paper (pdf) on implementing it in software, audio examples, and the max (gen) patch they built.

I guess it’s not something you can build in a custom unit though.


Going to probably use this for my SSP when I get it. Thanks for linking it.

Looking forward to someone adding it to the 301.



The MengQi sounds good to me for what I’ve used it for - I just don’t have much basis for comparison. Perhaps I’ll post a track with Evil Twin & MengQi. It does not really have any adjustability - no knobs. it just does what it does, which I think it does well enough!

Thanks for the link!



Love this! What’s going on in there?


Hi @tomk thanks for that! This is made entirely using the manual grains, envelopes, and filters with a bit of reverb. It’s fun to play with grains parameters to get different sounds - the possibilities really are endless.


Great - thanks for sharing!


My patch for today. It’s a field recording of our bird feeder and MI Rings through the 301. I added some verb in post, as I had yet to download the recent update :slight_smile:


Me again! Here’s the Powwow gig I did a couple of weekend’s ago - as ever loads of O|D :grinning:

Ps. For the observant amongst you I’m now working under a new alias ‘ebcidic’ but I’ll continue to be VCOADSR here as that alias was originally only ever meant for forum stuff :sunglasses: