Share your liveset er-301 techniques

tomorrow i’ll be performing live with the 301 for the third time.
this time tho it will really be the pulsating center of the setup.

i have a quicksave which is the foundation of the set.
it has a stereo channel for different stuff: field recordings, speech loops, textures, some synth\sample voices (with custom built analog shift register in the global chain).
one mono channel as clocked filtered delay locked on an aux send of my mixer.
one mono channel for drums\percussive duties.

then on the stereo channel i will load different “chain presets” in different parts of my set.
on the mono channel instead i will load single mixer channels (one for drums sampled from the modular itself, one for chopped up breakbeats, one for hihats\cymbal loops, also chopped up). all the mixer channel presets feature controlled randomization with white noise and sample and hold as well as other tricks.

i sequence all the percussive stuff from monome grid + ansible alternative polyphonic earthsea firmware (thanks @mudlogger for pointing me in the right direction)

then i have gates and cvs from the ansible, additional controls from korg nanokontrol + fh1, clocks from tempi, additional gates from zorlon cannon mk2

the nice thing is all cv\gate inputs are optimized to work with whatever chain or unit preset i load so it’s all under clever control.

the set is incredibly fun to play with.

it is accompanied by many other voices (hertz donut mk1 as bass, donut mk2 and dpo as additional voices, with ornament+crime as analog shift register driven by the MI grids + rené combo), filters, plague bearer, other stuff :slight_smile:

share yours!


Very interesting ! Will you record your live ?

This is wondeful info, thanks for sharing! I’m wondering if you use the cpu bypass option to keep it within bounds, or is the entire setup still within the ER-301 's computing capabilities?

I have the cpu bypass enabled but dont use bypass in this setup. I will just swap chains or mixer units by loadin up presets. Dont know if i’ll be able to record this time.hope so tho :slight_smile:

i wasn’t able to record the performance but it went super WELL!!!
i’m really enthusiast (i’m usually pretty self-critic).
i have to thank @odevices for creating such a wonderful musical instrument!
no issues at all, it all went super smooth! all the preset loading, no fuss at all, i even let the (hardware)mixer channels open while i was swapping presets. during preparation i took care to not go beyond 55% cpu to avoid risks.
the other fundamental pieces of the puzzle are monome grid + ansible (especially the polyphonic earthsea port) and ornament + crime.

c’mon people, share your performance setups and ideas :slight_smile:


Sounds really interesting, would love to hear a live recording and hear more about what you are doing with the 301. Sounds similar to what I’m doing except I haven’t incorporated the 301 yet and wanted to look at how I can leverage it to cut down on the modules I use so I take take the live set out on trips. I have a pod cast coming out on Data Cult Audio in a few weeks that will showcase the kinda style I’m after, but it’s taking a lot of hp space to achieve it.

Have a bunch of clips on YouTube and Instagram where I explore the main concept behind the patch if you’re interested, now just to see if I can transfer some of the functions to the 301!

Ypsi Kid

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Thanks!right now im traveling from milano(north italy,home) to naples(south italy) to play a couple of shows,one with a band in which i will basically resample voice & piano and add textures and effects/spatialization,the other in which i will play my set(intricated rhythmic stuff,sort of breakcore/idm/techno). When i’ll be back (next week) i will check ur stuff and see if i can suggest you some integration tricks!thanks for sharing!

Hi there,
I would like to try my smallest set up ever.
The Er301 and an Hermod sequencer.
On ch1 and ch2 (stereo mode) different samplers for voices, nature sounds, pads and a synth voice.
On ch4 my drum kit 3 samplers (kick, snare and hh)
I would like to improve the rhythmic part with some noise and glitchy style but i’m already at 70%.
Any suggestions?

My friend and I will be playing a live show tomorrow night. Heavily relying on the ER-301 there. He is using the Roland SP-555 sampler and I will use Buchla 208r, plumbutter and 6U of Eurorack, 301 included. 301 serves as a sample player (granular and normal), an effect processor for multiple things and generally a preset-driven hub, mixer and switch (certain presets let certain inputs through while muting the others). i really love how the 301 makes life easier! there are 8 presets for different parts of the show and they are named in correspondence with the bank / sample numbers that my friend is going to use. we also have a general outline of the show on paper to keep things tame (even though sometimes the paper says things like “go whack out on the Buchla, we won’t need it anymore” and so on :slight_smile: