Share your Sample for the ER-301

I’m interesting what kind of sample you use, how prepare and what will be done in the ER-301?

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That’s a very broad question with an infinite number of possible answers.

Are you looking for answers to anything in particular?

That’s the point. This hopefully help to open the horizont :wink:

I am a professional sound designer so I am fortunate to have a vast collection of sounds to use with the 301.

That said, I haven’t really scratched the surface - there are so many types of samples I look forward to exploring!

Up to this point, I’ve just dumped in various sounds from my sound effects libraries as well as some third party one-shot drum hits.

I also recently did a bunch of expansion cards for the new Tiptop Audio sampler and I’ve been using the sounds on 301 with great results.


Glitch machines Elements😁

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One technique that I am enjoying is preparing a long sample in the computer and then adding slices and then modulating the slices when the sample is played. This gives a lot of variation and movement with minimum sequencing input.
For instance a hi hat sample - instead of just having one hi hat sample, I would prepare a long sample that has variations of hi hat samples and then put slices in the 301 and so each time I trigger that sample it plays a different slice.
Hopefully one day there will be autoslicing so it will speed up the process a bit, but with the 301’s great interface its pretty quick to enter slices manually anyway.

Thank you for the comments. I would like to open this that even more share ideas or what you think. There is no right or wrong.

Can we revive this thread? I think this was a great idea and deserves a second go, for myself I’ve been using the following 606 samples for my drum sounds on the 301:

They’re really well sampled and sound even better when adjusted to my liking with some filters.

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Pretty large and diverse collection of samples here. I particularly like the “give me a random sound” feature. Give yourself a one-hour challenge with that. :slight_smile: