Shared buffer for pedal looper

Is there a way to assign the buffer assigned to the pedal looper to another unit and save it so the ER301 remembers they have a shared buffer? I will clarify my question: I’m trying to record a loop with a tempo determined on the spot, not by a clock, so I need the pedal looper, not one of the other loopers or sloop. When I press play or overdub, that sets the length of the pedal looper and the tempo of the loop. So far so good. But if I want to share that buffer with another unit, I have to manually assign it to that unit. And it only is assigned as long as I don’t stop and start a new recording. Because then I have to assign it again manually. Am I missing something here? Or did someone find a workaround?

You cannot (atm) assign the buffer that the Pedal Looper uses. It maintains its own buffer(s) internally. Therefore no buffer sharing with the Pedal Looper. Maybe this will change in v0.7 :wink:


Ah. Can I add this as a request or has this already been asked?
Is there another way of setting the loop length of one of the other loopers on the spot? Couldn’t find a threat about this. Lots of stuff that has something to do with it, but not this particularly this feature.

Already added.

As for the Dub/Feedback Loopers, you are expected to set the loop length via the reset clock NOT the length of the buffer; for example using Tap Tempo (optionally divided) into the reset clock of the looper.

The length of the assigned buffer should be set to exceed the maximum loop length that you will need.

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