Shipping Estimate After Order

I purchased an ER-301 last week on the 23rd, after purchasing it said I would get a shipping estimate email in a few days but I never received that email. The only email I received was the PayPal email, is it normal to take more than a week to receive an email from Orthogonal Devices?

Hello. Your confirmation email was sent on Oct 23rd to the email address that you have registered with PayPal.

Thank you for the quick response, Brian! I double checked my email just to make sure but I can’t seem to find it, would it be possible to send the email again? Just to confirm, the email registered with my PayPal is: amandwato [at]

Ah! You are right. I did neglect to send your confirmation email. Another person with a very similar name ordered on the same day, making me believe I had already handled your order. Many apologies! Confirmation email coming through now. :bow:

Got it, thanks :slight_smile: