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Should custom units use additional libraries and bespoke units like Accents?

When you post a custom unit, just declare the dependency and link to the relevant forum post / dependencies there - job done!

Also, if you feel strongly about it, you could also do two versions: standalone and with dependencies perhaps?

Perhaps people on both sides of the fence can be happy with a suggestion that I think @mopoco made here:

which is to have a user-curated set of user-created units (along with their dependencies) available as a single download. This way:

  • Unit’s in this set can be considered “commonly available” just like the builtin units and thus depending on them in your own units should be reasonable.
  • The user ultimately still has the final choice of what to install.

Of course, this requires that I introduce some kind of package install/removal mechanism which I plan on doing anyways. Hmm…then again depending on how sophisticated the package system becomes, this might all become moot.


my opinion is: if you come to know about custom units or a specific custom unit then you are already reading these forums.
if we standardize the way in which we present our CU on the forums (which i think is already happening) stating and linking dependencies then it’s all very easy.
i don’t know if there is already a wiki entry about how to install custom units, if there isn’t maybe that’s a thing to do (with a section on installing middle layer LIBS), and then we can start to always put a link to that wiki entry when we release custom units on the forum.


I voted for: Use Whatever you like…

I was hoping a thread like this might start after my (positive) experience of installing and
using @hyena 's fab 1 bit drum pulse percussion unit.

Due to life getting in the way of time for the ER301 (& synths in general) I haven’t spent massive amounts of time using the ER301. But even so I grasped that some custom units need other things installed to work - which is why I first off asked that question when I couldn’t get it to work (I just didn’t get the right answer… which was fine). If I twigged as a fairly casual user I’d think most people would.

However, I think it would be an idea that it was courtesy (an unwritten rule) to always provide what @odevices added to the @hyena original post:

That way you can see what you need. And a link to it is useful too.

Also I’ve never expected peoples custom units to work with every new OS update. It’s nice when they do obvs…


yes, perfectly put. that’s what i was meaning with “standardizing” the CU release posts :slight_smile:

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The 301 is a highly regarded module. It’s not so ‘plug and play’ like conventional wiggle modules . It’s definately not for everyone, more a pro tool… and for that reason I believe end users, amateurs, like myself, will embrace the complex initial understanding of good house keeping. But around the forum you don’t really see to many complete knobs attempting to master this device. Mostly I would think your dealing with smart operators

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That might be atm, but it does not have to be that way necessarely. And it might hold back some new folks from joining in.

Some users might just want to load up patches like Ultra Violet and wiggle away.
Reaktor is a good example for this. I have many colleagues that use mine or other instruments to do fantastic work but without necessarely knowing how open them up and rewire them or how to make their own.

My point being… there are luthiers that are also musinans and there are musicians that don’t want to know how to make a violin, they just want to play it :slight_smile:


Nice analogy and good points, but I don’t know any violin players who don’t know how to maintain their bow - although some probably exist. As a guitarist, I learned how to restring my guitar, as a synth player I learned how to tune oscillators and update firmware, etc… I see this as that part of musicianship! I don’t necessarily want to do these things, but realise I must do them in order to be able to just play these instruments.

I understand where you are coming from but i’m not sure if i agree with this analogy (even though I do the same).

Putting rosin on my bow and ensuring proper tightness is not the same as upgrading firmware and looking for broken dependencies.


Heheh, of course not - about as far removed from each other as you could get :slight_smile:


There may be a small problem with the Pan Mixer unit, if you try and load a preset that is built with one of these Pan Mixers into a mono chain, the ER-301 does not like it!

This is another aspect I hadn’t considered, I think this problem effectively breaks the OS - oops!

No known fix at time of writing, just don’t load units built with Pan Mixer into mono chains.

this is the place:


i also added some instructions to the wiki page of the user curated stuff:


let me know whether these are clear enough and also how we could improve those
instructions (it got somewhat long…)

i wish i would have been that devious :grinning: it was certainly not what i had in mind (yet).
now, that i think of it: great idea!

until @odevices comes up with the install/removal/update mechanism:
would it be a good idea from time to time to collect interdependent .lua, .unit and .wav files into 3 central folders that could then be installed in three different places, i.e. one in /libs /presets and /samples? those could be downloaded in a single zip file but would have to be distributed to the right 3 places…

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If any thing is provided in a zip-file and i don‘t need to search for all necessary files - i‘m okey.

do you mean searching on the forum or on your sd card?

On the forum :wink: and follow/download several links/files.

i will say that having to

probably does bear quite an educational value…
having said that i will continue thinking about a zipped collection of user contributions that contain dependencies (i.e. .lua files) as well as necessary wav files. and who knows, if we think just long enough about the quick and dirty collection @odevices will turn up with the professional mechanism before we even started to put the collection together…:slightly_smiling_face:


This OP question has gone through my head back and forth for quite some time. As of now, i feel like the frustration is alleviated greatly due to all the hard work done on the wiki.

Having links/info there(and on original custom unit posting) to which firmware version and which dependencies are needed to get these awesome CU’s working is a HUGE step to saving time in my opinion.

And i am guessing that by the time 1.0 is here, very much could be changed as far as which dependencies are needed to be installed separately.

Thank you for this discussion topic .

Why not host such dependencies on something like GitHub, which was created to facilitate this kind of collaboration?

yes i agree

That’s excellent and commendable. I’m thinking more of using GitHub to coordinate the collective effort of building up a standard library of base units.