Show Selected Slice?

When selecting a slice with the ER-301’s knob, the selected slice is highlighted in the list of slices.
When selecting a slice with external cv, there is no such highlighting.
(Or maybe the knob is just scrolling through the list which in turn selects the slice?)

In any case, I’m wondering whether there is some way to get visual feedback of which slice is selected when using external cv.

In the lower display I can see the active slice only AFTER it’s been triggered.

Is there another way?

Such a strange question. :wink:

Let me ask another way.

Say you have a sample with 11 slices loaded in a sample player.
And you want to sequence those slices with a Rene, an ER-101, a Z8000 or whatever.
And let’s say you choose the “Nearest” mode of addressing slices.
After patching the sequencer’s cv to select the slice, you are ready to set step values in order to assign steps to slices.
What’s the most efficient way to do this?

At the moment, I do this by trial and errror: I adjust the cv on the sequencer to be about what I expect to be the right value, and then I trigger the slice. At that point I can either hear which slice has been assigned to that cv value, or I can look at the lower display to see the slice number. Usually then I adjust and try again. It works of course, but seems a bit clunky.

I know that one could do a little math and figure out the value required for each slice, but for me I think that would not be an improvement.

I guess I’m a bit of an idiot who’s missing something elementary.

Maybe you can point out my error, or tell me how you go about setting up slices for sequencing.

ありがとう !

Not a strange question!

While you are programming your sequencer, have you tried throwing a SINE OSC unit into the PLAYER’s trigger chain so that is always triggering? This way the selected slice will always reflect the current slice select CV. Once you are done programming, you just delete the SINE OSC (no need to reassign the external gate input).

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That would do it!

I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to think that quickly :wink: