Simple volume control?

Ahem… I’ve been going back and forth with this one, seems too simple to be asking for advice, but:

I’d like to just simply assign an external knob for the volume of an ER-301 channel. Being as almost every unit is bipolar, it’s actually pretty difficult to dial in silence using a Linear VCA and my offset module, the Erogenous Tones Levit8 (I always hate writing that name)…

Any tips? After seeing the stuff people pull off here, this is a bit embarrassing :smiley:

A ‘zero out’ VCA unit has been promised, we discussed this before, so you’re not alone!

It’s not ‘that’ easy, even though it’s a simple idea :slight_smile:

Yes! Makes me feel better… I was vacantly thinking something like a rectifier combined with various offsets and/or the VCA, and started thinking there has to be something I’m missing. Thanks :slight_smile:

I believe I remember Brian saying that he would be able make a mode available in the settings to allow you to assign control to a mixer units volume control.


Not at all, it’s a classic problem with analogue controls and digital brains!

For it to be implemented effectively there will need to be some kind of compensation made in the firmware.

Oh wait… just had a brainwave; if you use the Rectify Unit that might help?

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That is exactly right!

Furthermore, if your external knob doesn’t get all the way down to 0V then you can just insert an Offset unit to bring it down a bit before the Rectify unit. OTOH, if your external knob is bipolar then again just insert an Offset unit (before the Rectify unit) to bring the external knob’s lowest value up to the just below the mid-line.


Oh - where was my head - you actually said about the Rectifier in your second post @josker

Sometimes I think my brain just overloads and ceases to function properly hehe, anyway, I trust you are sorted now :slight_smile:

This would make a good FAQ actually, I might add it when I know my brain is working!

…any progress on this? :slight_smile:

i really hope so and last i heard from brian when i asked about it he mentioned that it could potentially be an option you could select in the admin settings. if so it would really come in handy with my new performance controller module i have in the works :grinning:

Oops. Volume control in the admin settings? :thinking: I have no recollection of this. Do you have something that will jog my memory?

It was in a thread from back in July last year and here was your response:

"Not at all. This particular question just has a lot of ramifications that I need to think through. The Mixer Channel has become more of a central unit in user’s patches than I expected. So I am actually stepping back and making sure I haven’t missed a better way of doing it.

For example, people use Mixer Channels for all of the following at the moment:

Insertion: adding a given signal to another signal at specific point in a chain.
Polyphony or Voice Layers: multiple voices summed together on one output bus to create a more complex voice.
Track Layering or Song Structure: song sections or voices that are controlled at a macro level according compositional structure.
Your question seems to refer to the last scenario. I’m wondering if maybe I should have different Mixer-type units designed specifically for each scenario?"

Thanks and hoping you would still consider making this an option :drooling_face:

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Ah ok. It had nothing to do with admin settings. The proposal is to split the current mixer into 3 specialized task-specific mixer units. Still on the horizon!