Single Cycle Unit

Finally had a chance to sit down and play with this one. I couldn’t believe how many samples I could cram into it!

Fantastic! This opens up so many more sonic doors :heart_eyes:


I also am loving this unit!

However, I couldn’t find a way to zoom in on the waveform when editing the buffer, am I missing something obvious?

Have the zoom set to course and then press and hold it while moving the encoder. That’s your horizontal zoom. Vertical is the same except set it fine before holding it down again.

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Thank you! All I’d found was the variable speed player wiki page that shows zoom on the screen.

I guess I should have made those arrows underneath the words coarse and fine bigger. Live and learn.

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This unit is awesome :clap:
I’ve downloaded the 4300 free waveforms from Adventure Kid, then created a 100 samples chain for each folder, loaded them in the unit… wow! The result is amazing. By the way, does anybody know how much CPU each unit uses ?

Should be around 2-3% on the 48kHz firmware.

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Great, thanks Brian :slight_smile:

Sorry to crash the topic but just wondering out of interest how you created your sample chains from the AK waveforms? I’m hoping to do the same this week but am a novice. Would you recommend a particular software or way if doing this efficiently? I found a few pre made chains that I’ve tried in the unit, and wow was I impressed!

You can create sample chains in the ER-301. In short, in admin > Sample Pool, when you load a sample, you have the option of selecting multiple samples and then having the ER-301 create a pre-sliced sample chain out of your selected samples.

Enter the Sample Pool from admin:

Press S1 (Load Samples)

Press S3 (Enable Multi)

Use M4 to select:

You can select folder(s) of samples…

or multiple individual samples.

When you are done, press ENTER. You will be asked if you want to load your selection as a sample chain. Press M2 (Yes).

Here we have loaded the AKWF_0003 folder as a sample chain from 100 individual samples.

Now whenever you want to attach the sample chain to your unit (such as Single Cycle) you would go to the unit’s config menu and choose ‘Select from Pool’.

Make your choice and press ENTER.

And you are done.

Optional: You can also save your sample chains for later as a *.multi file which will link to the original files. Use M5 (save as) in the Sample Pool screen. Later these *.multi files will show up whenever you are browsing for WAV files.


You create the sample chain directly with the 301. Sample pool, load samples, enable multi, select all:)

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Brilliant, thank you both. And an extra thank you Brian for your detailed guide. This is incredibly helpful! I look forward to diving in tonight.

as someone who was (until recently) loading up whole folders of 100+ AKWF samples in chains - i can say that taking a little time to curate a much smaller chain (like 12) yields more nuanced timbral morphing… highly recommended!


I can conquer with this sentiment. The each AKWF folder has so many different wave shapes, but many of them have “similar” or overlapping timbres. I found that because of this, scanning a 100 wave sample chain with random clocked sample and hold, even after inserting a slew limiter, didn’t have as pronounce of an effect as doing what @shellfritsch is describing. I assume that it is due to the fact that the random waveforms selected oftentimes had similar timbres to the “random” waveform previously selected, resulting in a less noticeable effect.

Or you can just reduce the gain on the modulation by a factor of ten.


This is all highly useful to me so thank you guys! I tried a pre made 64 sample chain the other day and a smaller number of more diverse sounding samples would make a lot more sense thanks for the tip.

I am extremely new to the 301, and have a couple questions. First is… how do the loop points fit into the single cycle unit? I have noticed that I can create/modify slices to make the waveform loop at certain points, and the ability to create multiple slices of course, but I am not sure how I would go about selecting the slices via CV input or with another unit, if someone doesnt mind breaking this process down for me I would appreciate it very much. Also is it possible to use the Loop In/Loop Out to select an area to cycle, and if so how is that accomplished? Thank you in advance.

The Single Cycle unit is an oscillator that uses a sliced sample as its wavetable. The scan parameter allows you to move around the table (i.e. slices) morphing continuously from one to the next. The other concepts such as looping and selecting slices do not really have meaning here.

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Got ya, thank you for the quick reply Brian. It makes sense now that the loop points were not mentioned above :slight_smile:

one thing that’s really important with wavetables is deciding wether the single waves in the list are continuous or discontinuous, where in the list you have the more harmonic content and where you have the less…
-extremely continuous waves with very low harmonic content at the start and very high harmonic content at the end of the table
-extremely continuous waves with the simplest, low harmonic ones in the middle that morph into the most harmonic content on the edges (idea: only odd harmonics towards the start of the table, odd and even towards the end of the table)
-extremely discontinuous waves with alternating zones of low and high harmonic content for very glitchy scanning