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Single Cycle Unit

Finally had a chance to sit down and play with this one. I couldn’t believe how many samples I could cram into it!

Fantastic! This opens up so many more sonic doors :heart_eyes:


I also am loving this unit!

However, I couldn’t find a way to zoom in on the waveform when editing the buffer, am I missing something obvious?

Have the zoom set to course and then press and hold it while moving the encoder. That’s your horizontal zoom. Vertical is the same except set it fine before holding it down again.

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Thank you! All I’d found was the variable speed player wiki page that shows zoom on the screen.

I guess I should have made those arrows underneath the words coarse and fine bigger. Live and learn.

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This unit is awesome :clap:
I’ve downloaded the 4300 free waveforms from Adventure Kid, then created a 100 samples chain for each folder, loaded them in the unit… wow! The result is amazing. By the way, does anybody know how much CPU each unit uses ?