Six Stage Chorus

Here’s my first custom unit. It’s a six stage chorus. And a super quick demo of it applied to a big, fat poly-saw making, well, bigger and fatter!

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to share any suggestions. :slight_smile:

To use I think you’d just insert a custom unit after the voice you want to chorus, and then load this preset into the custom unit. (V2 with wet/dry amount control) (1.9 KB) (Original) (1.9 KB)


Very nice… not looked at the custom unit, I’m in the middle of a big patch and just taking a little rest, but it sounds great!!

Thanks @anon83620728! I made an improvement to the original and added to the original post above. It now contains a wet/dry control. These “local” parameters can’t be renamed, can they, @odevices? I guess I would probably re-label “dB1” to “Depth” if I could.

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Hey @Joe, I tried using this unit with 0.4 and to no one’s surprise, but my own, I couldn’t load it…
I was hoping to look over your work, to understand how I might build my own… I am still learning the basics of the er301 and would love to see how routing works in a simple effect like this. Is there an easy way have v0.4 convert this file to a usable custom unit?

I’m not sure there is. I could PM you a copy of 0.3 if you just want to load it up and look at this unit.

That would be great, thanks! :slight_smile: