Sixnon's Mysterious Crashes - Fixed

I had another freeze of the ER-301 this morning. I booted the device, forgetting that I had removed the SD card the evening prior, and set about building a device chain. When I went to load a sample into the sample player in that chain (which was input to VCA in which was nested ADSR and sample player…there were various modulation sources incoming to various inputs as well in the modulation section) I realised I was missing the SD card, inserted it and the unit froze.

I realise that there’s a safe eject procedure (which was done at removal) and insertion may have a similar process to follow, but if it’s helpful, there it is!

I’m on 0.2.5 44kHz firmware.

I’m getting repeatable freezes in 0.2.6 48 kHz firmware if I boot, load a sample player as first device in track 1, then scroll and preview waveforms after an “Assign Sample” operation in the sample player. It’s not identical every time but repeatedly at the second or third waveform scroll, the system freezes. The waveforms through which I’m scrolling are very short ones (0.013/0.014s) for Disting’s wavetable synth…and specifically from here

Also I am still getting the freeze at deletion of slices in slice mode once a waveform is loaded into the Sample Player. Again it’s not identically repeatable, but seems to occur more often when there are multiple slices at the 0.00 position of the sample.

I checked the “operator error” process I mentioned above with mounting a card post powering the module, and now get a “SD card not mounted” error rather than a freeze. If I go to eject mode, mount the card and return, the process proceeds smoothly.

Hmm. I bet it’s a type of a WAV that my parser is not equipped to handle yet. Thank you for the files.

Are you triggering the Sample Player when the freeze happens?

no, it’s paused by dint of the cursor/follow toggle mechanism if that makes sense.

I thought perhaps it may be also related to length of files. I think number of slices has been mentioned before but not sure if minimum slice length has been set/spoken of?

There has been a preview and scroll whilst playing here though. If it helps it’s been the first folder of that group (AKWF_00001) and the first couple of files within the folder which cause the freeze.

Is there a gate being fed to the trig parameter of the Sample Player?

The cursor/follow toggle only control whether the screen follows the play head or the insert cursor.

Oh, yes, sorry. No, it loads playing and then I enter slice mode. If I press curso/follow there, then the cursor is highlighted. At that stage I have pressed the stop button in the lower screen. From there I have used the insert button to insert slices and then on deletion of those the freeze has occurred.

…There is no trig parameter

Thank you for the clarification! This helps me a lot.

You’re welcome. I was a little confused at first with the play behaviour. Can I confirm that if there is no slice in the sample, the sample player plays in a loop or not at all. If stopped in that state even a gate at the trig parameter will not play the sample. Only with an initial slice will a trigger gate initiate play from that slice?

The better way to think about it is that triggering the player will reset the play head to the current slice (plus any shift). If there are no slices then it will reset to the beginning of the sample. The trigger does not start playback, it only resets the play head’s location. If the player is paused then a trigger will not unpause the player.

Thank you. I initially thought that the behaviour and that was what I was seeing with no slices in the sample i.e. if i loaded a sample it just kept looping within the sample player unless I added a gate, when it reset to the beginning and again continued looping until a gate signal. When I added slices, however, and triggered them using a keyboard gate they were stopping at the end of a slice. I shall look back over Neil’s videos and the sample behaviour thread to make sure I understand that behaviour better.

That is correct. The play head will stop at the next (or previous slice when speed < 0) but the player is still not paused. The play head is just blocked at the next slice waiting for a trigger. When there are no slices, there is nothing to block the play head so it just keeps playing and thus loops forever.

Ok, great, thank you. I’m much clearer on the function now!

I think I misunderstood what you meant by waveform scroll @sixnon. Do you mean it freezes in the file-browser screen (while loading samples in to the pool) or in the slicing screen (while editing slices)?

@sixnon, I went and created a separate thread for your crash reports because I’m having trouble reproducing any of them. :cold_sweat: Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they really happened but I’m missing some crucial step to get them to occur on my test unit. This thread is my focused attempt to get to the bottom of this mystery.

So first, the SD mount crash: Do you remember what was the last thing that you did when it crashed? Were you moving the STORAGE switch from eject to admin/user?

Second, the crash while scrolling around in the AKWF sample tree: For now, I’ve been assuming that the crash happened while you were scrolling through the AWKF_0001 folder and previewing them. However, I cannot get that to happen. Am I at least on the right path?

Third, the crash while deleting slices: Since I believe there is no reason to be slicing the AKWF samples, may I assume that you were working on a different set of (non-wavetable) samples when this crash happened? May I know the properties of one such particular sample? Have you found this one to be consistently reproducible?

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Hi Brian,

Had a momentary cognitive disjunct when I spotted the thread there “was sure I didn’t do that!”.

I’ll do my best explain with the caveat that these all occurred in the heady first day or so of having the ER-301 in my rack, and I was excitedly loading units, pressing buttons etc., without too much structure;

I definitely wasn’t moving the switch during the process of the SD mount crash. I was endeavouring to load a sample into either the sample pool or a sample player. I pressed load sample and realised there was no SD card in the slot so pushed it in and the ER-301 immediately froze. As I’ve mentioned I’ve subsequently upgraded to 0.2.5 firmware and in an endeavour to reproduce the crash got a “SD card not mounted” notice (or words to that effect - I’m not in front of it at the moment) which was not apparent at 0.2.4 firmware…or at least not when I had the crash. As I say I’ve not been able to repeat the freeze.

The crash whilst scrolling the AKWF sample tree did occur as you suggest. It was either at a preview then scroll to next sample process or a scroll to next sample and preview process, if the distinction is clear? I noticed that @cfunk reported a very similar crash at the bottom of the V0.2.x-stable: Thank you! thread today.

Edit: and now this one as well.

You are correct there is no reason to be slicing wavetable samples…but alas I was! I hadn’t really registered the brevity of the samples when I went to try to replicate an earlier crash. Again this was after a firmware update. I had prior been working on much longer files (up to 30 seconds) but in that instance had (for some reason) pressed insert as I loaded the AKWF sample which then began to autoplay within the sampler and I continued with the process of deletion with the prior crash in mind.

Let me know if that’s not clear and/or if there’s anything else I can offer. I’ll try to reproduce processes this evening here. I have funeral to attend in a remote area of Australia and will be away from the ER-301 for a couple of weeks after Tuesday,

I can reproduce these freezes pretty easy, too. It’s been happening to me when loading custom units and loading samples in the sample player with a couple of single cycle libs I have downloaded.

Also : if you audition just once, and for a short period of time it doesn’t crash. It seems to crash when you audition for longer than one or two seconds. If you quickly load the sound it doesn’t crash. So the problem is on the playback in that module I guess.

Sorry if I’m being dense, but what do you mean by “these freezes”. It’s sound from your description that you are experiencing yet another problem that is causing a freeze when loading a custom unit from a preset? I do not think sixnon has reported such a thing yet?

So we can definitely say that we have a freeze associated with the auditioning of WAV files in the file browser. We can also probably say that it has nothing to do with the actual WAV file itself and just the act of auditioning one file after another is enough to cause it to happen. Does that accurately describe the problem?

I still don’t really have a solid handle on the conditions of the “insert SD card” crash and “delete slice” crash. I will of course keep trying various things.

@sixnon, there is no urgency here. Have a safe trip!