Slew limiter external cv control

Hi. Unfortunately I do not manage to find a solution for the following problem:

In the chain
Sequencer CV OUT -> Slew Lim -> OSC v/oct in

I do want to control the slew limiter with an external offset. The problem is: With offset 0V there is still this small amount of 3ms and this changes the attack sound - minimal but noticable. How do I get the slew limiter to 0ms? Bypassing via an external gate would also work for me, but this is not possible, right?


Can you set the bias on the slew limiter to -3 msec? Assuming you are running 0.4.x firmware, you should be able to do this even though the slider doesn’t go negative. Press twice on bias and the numeric keypad should appear. This will let you set any control outside the default range.

Ah, I do still run firmware 03.25… Since I am relying heavily on the 301 for my live purposes, I wanted to avoid an unstable firmware. Perhaps I have to update finally.

It can still be done in 0.3.25 - just takes a little more doing.

Put your control signal in the subchain of the Slew Limiter’s slew parameter. Then insert an Offset unit after that input with a negative offset value. The Offset unit will mix whatever’s coming in from the left (external control signal) with its offset amount.

I think 0.4.x is going to become the current stable version very soon- or at least that’s Brian’s stated goal. So might be a good time to load it up and see if you can find anything unstable in it between live shows, and report any bugs you find? Plus there is really a mountain of cool stuff in it. :wink: