Slew on i2c cv?

I have a quick, but annoying slew on cv from i2c. I seem to remember there was talk on this, that it was added as a fix for something, and I decided to wait until it bit me… which is now.

So how do I disable the short slew on i2c cv? I’m on .6.14…


From Teletype? I think it’s

SC.CV.SLEW <port> <time in milliseconds>

Hmm, I read a773’s comment like a delay in the CV value to ensure a trig gets processed.

However, the SLEW from TT or CROW does not work the same way over i2c as it does over the wire. It works the 301 way…see here:

Thanks that’s it! Somehow I was thinking in terms of a setting in a menu. Thanks!

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