Slice-based Granular Unit

What could be wicked is a Grains unit as we know it with a slightly different way of handling the loaded sample…

IE: assign a sample, it would read the slice data and there’d be an extra parameter on the unit to choose the active slice (and maybe the same slice editor from the normal sampler player to add / remove).

Then, based on the active slice, the grain parameters would only create grains based on this slice (IE: Duration 0 to 1 would be the length of the active slice, not the whole file).

Being able to CV control the slice during granular creating would be insane! :slight_smile:


“Being able to CV control the slice during granular creating” - Is that something that Morphagene does?

great Idea !

I’ve been thinking about something like this also. I’m still undecided whether this should be another unit or folded into the current Manual Grains unit.


Might be good to have the current granular unit lean and mean as-is and another providing more extended manipulation?

Sort of on topic, any plans to have a Grains unit without the trigger, so it perfectly loops based on the grain duration?

I’m wondering if there’s a slice based granular unit yet? Any closer? Thanks!

Yep, new with V3.X

“NEW UNIT: Grain Stretch, a slice-able sample player with independent control of pitch and speed. Has the same (extended) slicing functionality as the Sample Player unit.”


Phoar, nice one! I look forward to you video Neil! (While I wait for restock/scour the internet for 301)

Hi – I’m new to the er-301, so will have probably quite a few more questions. Here’s my first: I noticed the squash parameter is missing from Grain Stretch. There’s probably a good reason for this. What is it? :slight_smile:

Very impressed by the 301, so far!