Slice CV - 1v/Oct addressing

Fairly sure I requested this on the older Google groups and searched here but adding again just in case.

I would really appreciate having the option, for the sample player, to be able to use the chromatic semitone 1v/octave pitch CV standard to select slices.
Trying to figure the right voltage for slice N is becoming a bit tedious when I know I could just select note N on the ER101. (At the moment I have to modify the CV table every time in have a new sample with a different number of slices.
Maybe this could be an option in the unit or be grouped with the slice insert settings in the admin area?



+1 and I’m sure quite a few people want this too


A more general question to all 'Sample player’s users but related to my request:

Is everyone else finding that if you have two slices in a sample the only way to choose the 2nd slice with the bias is to set it to exactly 1.0?
It’s sort of weird to have a range of 0-0.998 to select the 1st slice & only 1.0 for the second…The same is true when using an external CV, to select the 2nd slice I have to put the maximum CV in and gain of 3 to hit that equivalent 1.0 spot.

I’m running 0.1.6pre-patch-10 (actually 11).

Hoping that the 1v/Oct semitone addressing will come sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, of course. This is trivial to fix so I’ll do it right now so it will be in the next release.

I’ve been usually putting a slice at the end so that this less of an issue.

Thanks Brian, just so I’m clear the fix is related to the observation I made regarding the 2nd slice addressing as opposed to my request for using semitones from the 1v/Oct standard?

That’s right!

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Howdy y’all,
Is 1v/oct sample slice player available yet ?
Is this planned to be implemented ?
I didnt see it on the feature request list.
How are people making planned sequences/beats using sliced up sample chains ?

It seems like being able to have each key on a keyboard play the next sice would be the way to be able to use it more like a sampler.

So how are people doing it ?

I think you just set it to 12tet?

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Oh, set the slice grid to 12tet, oops, totally forgot about that somehow.

Sorry havent played with it for quite awhile…
I’ll try when i get back…