Slice files soon editable?

I am trying set up a multi-sample thing with very specific ordering of CV recordings that need to appear and reoccur sometimes, in a specific way. I guess the way to go at this time is generating the samples on my laptop and naming them in the order I want them to appear in the multi-sample? I’m wondering about the sample slice files though… @odevices mentioned in an old thread that the slice files are not editable and indeed they are not. Is that going to change somewhere in 0.4 or further along the line?

What I love about trying to put into words problems like these, is that mostly one tends to answer their own question. I’m going for the sample naming job I think :slight_smile: (unless otherwise advised)

As an alternative you could make a script which pulls your multiple samples into a chain on the ER-301 when adding them to the pool: Enable multi sample pool behaviour